DAY 10

(17.06.2011 - friday)


The first thing to do when we wake up is to start walking in Seattle. Our first stop is public market, which is a very original place for USA. We see this kind of a place in the USA for the first time. It is very crowded inside like they were selling all for free.




After having some fish soup and fish in the public market, let’s continue. We buy some cheesecake and coffee from another shop, and we eat them at some other place. Seattle is famous for its coffee. Hence most of the people here are coffee addicts. And the first Starbucks was established here…


Also Seattle is the base of Amazon, Boeing, Microsoft and etc. It is like somewhere between Istanbul and Izmir in Turkey. It is also nice to see people walking, which is a rare thing to see in Dayton.


The whole city is full of art. My friend Evren is also here for her masters in art. After finishing it she stays here. And this art in the photo above may be the most disgusting one… people are chewing the gums and paste them to the wall. Somebody did A&E for us, so we just take a photo without chewing.


Just we were planning to go to the China Town, Evren’s phone is ringing. A friend of Evren invites us for a boat ride. We accept the invitation and take a taxi to the marina.




This may seem to be the ocean in the photos, but it is not. Although this is a lake, it is huge. We have a lot of fun while sailing in this huge lake.




Evren’s friends are the guys who work at the companies that I told before. Seattle is a very cosmopolite city because of these companies. Almost half of the population is not American. So, the city is not like the USA.


All the beautiful things have an end, so this boat-ride. We are also invited for a birthday party in the evening that we don’t know. Finally, we are convinced again for one more day…

End of day 10...

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