(15.06.2011 - wednesday)

We leave our lovely lodge in the morning. We have a long way to go. A way that passes through another national park and reaches the Pacific Ocean. The name of the national park is North Cascades. It is again rainy until we reach to the park.


We are wet again from head to the toe. The region has many valleys. We exit one valley then enter the other. One of them is sunny, and the other is rainy. The rain is again coming with the hail. We are angry at the weather this time. We are sooooo wet… 


We stop by a coffee shop to dry our clothes a little but at a town. I change my clothes in the restroom. Emel changes her socks. Nobody is interested in what we are doing, but everybody says how a good day we pick up to ride. 


We have lot to see. Emel eats some dessert and calm herself down. It stops raining for the rest of the road and becomes sunny. We are happy to see the sun.


We follow US-20, which passes through some Indian villages and North Cascades National Park. This park is different from the others. There is no entrance or exit although it is a national park. You just follow the road and pass through the park. But the scenery is nice.


You should be very careful about riding or driving here, because of the deer. They were five on the road once. It is a very scenic road, but there is no reason to stop. There are no facilities. So, we don’t stop and move on. We have a plan to watch killer whale for tomorrow. 


Right after leaving the national park, the road becomes so silent and abondoned like in the horror movies. We are like we are the only ones who passes here for 50 years.


We arrive at Burlington, which is a city on the Pacific side. It is dark and late in the day. We go to a fast-food restaurant to eat something. But only the drive thru section serves. We try to buy some food without a vehicle from the drive thru section, but they don’t allow. Afterwards, they let us go in when they see us starving… We met the guy at the restaurant; he says he loves Turkish people a lot.

Then we find a hotel from the gps to spend this night. We ask the way to whale watch to the Pilipino guy at the hotel reception.  And sleep after a 625-mile long ride…

End of Day 8

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