(12.06.2011 - sunday)

When we wake up, we look out of the window then again we see rain outside. We want to cry now. The weather channel says so, then we are on the motorcycle again without no choice.


We enter to Grand Teton National Park and a gentle ranger welcomes us. We are thankful that we took some pics yesterday. Today, the scenery is foggy for photograph.


We meet two old guys on the lakeside. They are also complaining about the cold and try to warm their hands up on our motorcycle’s boxers… one of them has come to Turkey once, and he complains about Turkish people not to be able to talk English so well. I think he thinks like all people should now English. Should we expect Americans to know Turkish as well? Weird thought…


Some part of the lake still stays as frozen.


We are about to enter to Yellow Stone we met a Chinese family. They are so kind and warm. And wants to take a picture together.


We stop at the Jackson Lake Lodge for breakfast. Pretty nice hotel, and the prices are normal. We buy lot of stickers for our motorcycle, I want to buy more but Emel stops me. Therefore I leave half of it and go out of the shop.


We go on to the geysers from the hotel. The scenery is jus beautiful again. We take a few pictures on the road.




Finally we come to the famous geyser place… really attractive. There are so many people like us to see the geyser’s blowing up. There are specific times for geysers to blow up. The most eminent one among them is the geyser in the pic, named “Old Faithful”. It blows up almost at every 70 minutes. We are there just on time before it to blow up.





There more geysers here, and there are different periods for them to blow up. Actually one is enough for us, but we still want to take a walk around before we leave. We met another rider during this walk. He is a reserved military guy and is deployed to North Carolina from California. So, he took a leave for two months. Then he started a motorcycle trip on his own by making zig zags on the USA map.




After this walk around geyser, we are back on our motorcycle. By the way, I think that this geyser place is warm all buffalos are here. They are hanging around like humans. Off course there are some cases they get angry and toss to the cars or sth… the people want to take our picture in addition to the geysers and buffalos… weird…


We see two more BMWs when we come to the motorcycle. They see us too, and then the chat begins… The two men in the picture are father and son. They are on their way from Minnesota to Yellow Stone, and travelling together. We wish to do the same thing years after. The did also Beartooth pass before they come here. But they did the all way because they were coming from the north. We learn if went a few miles more the height of the snow would rise up to 8-9 meters. We regret we didn’t go, but the time is more important for us.




There are lots of “buffalo crossing” signs around. Then we find out why…





There are many hot spring points around the park. It is impossible to stop for all of them. We spend little time at some of them and continue… We met with this couple in one of the pints. They are also travellers. They crossed all China and USA from one side to another by bicycle.

We want to continue but the guy offered us to visit some waterfalls in the park. So, we change our direction a little bit for that. But with the height of the hill we climb changes the temperature to 32 Fahrenheit. Emel insists on turning back with the additional rain to the cold, and I obey…


It gets warmer when we are down. We stop a little bit when we see a deer family. A guy comes by and shows us his telescope and asks us to look through. We take a look and see three bears, they are a little bit far from us but it is ok. One mother and two children are eating sth. The guy tells us that they just attacked to the deer family and caught one of them to feed.  The Chinese guy we met this morning also told that they had seen one case like this. I think this is really the Wild West. But it is also beautiful as it is wild. It excites us to be this much close to the wild life. We feel like we are in a documentary. We think that National Geographic had raised here then become a world trademark. 


Now we are very close to the city we are planning to stay. By the way, let’s tell some information about national park lodges. They are very good places to stay for 200 dollars a day. Believe me it is worthy. If you choose to stay in a far hotel, you would have to travel by car all day and spend the same money. We didn’t want to stay until now, but we say, “let’s stay in one of them and try”. But there is only one left, Mammoth Lodge, at this side of the park. 


When we arrive at Mammoth Lodge, it desn’t attract us so much and we contunie to Gardiner. It is a neat cowboy town again. We find a hotel and hang around for some food.


After we eat some food at a restaurant, we go to a bar to drink sth. And we meet Mike, the owner of the bar. He buys a drink to us when he learned that we came from Turkey. We go back to the hotel after we had some talk.

Today we only made about 200 miles but it was really an unforgettable day. We pray for good weather for tomorrow and sleep.

End od day 5

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