(11.06.2011 - saturday)

We don’t wake up early in the morning today as always, we rest a little bit more… we deserved this. Today’s highlight is Yellow Stone National Park, the first checkpoint on the map according to Merrill. We told the story about the interstates already, and how it standardized all USA… and if you think about the history, it is a new continent when compared to Europe, Asia and Africa… so traveling these cities in the USA is pretty boring… so you may be asking “what is left?” yes, the answer is these national parks.. from our point of view if there were no national parks it would have been hard to find tourist attractions to visit in the USA. They are really well preserved areas and may be the most important heritage that is left for next generations. Well, I may continue a lot from here, but let’s leave some of them to the rest of the report.


Right after we are on the road, we face with another mountain, but we don’t complain. If we don’t count Mt. Rushmore, this is the first real mountain since we left home for about 1600 miles. If the world does not have a round shape we could see our home from this picture…

As you can guess the scenery is just perfect when we move ahead, and reach to the top with 8300 feet, the snow is still on the ground. There are big streams where the snow begins to melt. It is 40 Fahrenheit on the top and increases to 67 when we start to go below.


When we come down from the top we arrive at Greybull, which is a nice cowboy town. It really is a nice cowboy town with the traditional clothes, and the boots…


I think all the people here deals with cows. Just with one difference, they use containers and big trucks instead of horses nowadays. But they still keep the traditional clothing. After we eat sth. at the restaurant in the pic. we spend a little bit of our time with the people outside, and then we are on the road again…


The black clouds come again in front of us just when we were saying “ weather is perfect today!” While we were praying not to pass below them, again we are soaking up… under the rain, hail, stone, etc…

We stop at a town named Cody to get some gas. We ask someone about the rest of the road, but they don’t now. So, we decide to continue as we can. We can describe the beauty of the places we pass during this way. We think that’s it for a rider for seeing this kind of a beauty, but later we see what can be more..


There is another way before we turn to Yellow Stone, which is one of the most known pass in the USA, named as Beartooth Pass. The rain stops and weather becomes ok on the road to Redlodge City which city the Beartooth Pass leads. Actually Merrill suggested to stay at Redlodge, but we don’t want to spend one night there.


Because we have a lot more places to visit… the height of the snow is about 2 people long along the beartooth pass’s two sides. We’d like to finish this pass till Redlodge, but the time constraint makes us to turn back to Yellowstone after completing 50 miles forward.


The land cover becomes green and the wild life getting started after we pass the last city, Coke City, before arriving at Yellow Stone. The first wild life we see is a Moose, a deer type, in the pic above.


Finally we arrive at Yellow Stone. And the Rangers, which may be described as national park police, welcome us at the entry. Then we must pay the entry fee here…


If you’re going to stay in the USA more than a touristic visit, or visit a lot of national parks, you can buy a annual pass to enter all the national parks in the USA. The price is 80 dollars, and if you think that one entry is 35 dollars it worth. And if you buy it for a car, all people in the car are included, and also valid for 2 motorcycles.

End Note…

The starting point for wild life was Moose in the national park, but it increases with buffalos, elks, deer, bears, etc… a different world…


Afterwards, we find the resource of the bad odor in this old volcano area. These are the sulphur pools, like we have in Dalyan, Turkey. 


Right at the south exit of the Yellow Stone there is another national park named Grant Teton. Our aim today is to finish Yellow Stone’s only one side (couse this is a very big area) from north to south and continue to Grand Teton’s south exit, and then stay at Jackson, which is a very famous city, at the end of the Grand Teton. Don’t think that this is an easy job to do; this distance is about 300 miles. That’s why I say one side of Yellow Stone which is the east side. Tomorrow, we’re planning to do the rest of it while going from south to north, from Jackson to Gardiner… 


Grand Teton has a beautiful scenery as good as Yellow Stone, but does not have view points as there are in Yellow Stone. We just go through Grand Teton and arrive at Jackson because of this. If you want to visit Yellow Stone by plane, you may take the ticket for Jackson airport and rent a car then visit the national parks for 2-3 days. But, if you want to finish here totally, you need at least one week including the finishing the trails or tent etc. If you travel only by a car or a motorcycle you see limited things just along the way. But, it depends on your time, your pleasure, and money…


We arrive at Jackson around 22:00. We are on the road for about 420 miles from Sheridan. So, we are only left with the energy to eat some food, and we just walk a little bit from the hotel to find a place. Then we are back at the hotel and are parallel to the ground and sleep. The things we saw today were really beautiful, and like a piece from the heaven…

End of day 4…

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