(10.06.2011 - friday)


We wake up very hard this morning. After all those rain, hail, mug, fog, we are like we were beaten. We open the weather channel as soon as we wake up.


We are like kids who find candies when we see it is not rainy today. We immediately wear our clothes, which are semi dry. Emel’s back hurts because of the cold day and the colder topcase. We rush to a supermarket before starting to the road to solve this problem. Then we find the solution in a cost effective way. Maybe we should apply for its patent. It is like it is made for motorcycles. More confortable and cheaper than they sell in the shops.


Later on we are on the way to Mt. Rushmore. Merrill said that it was not one of the “must” places on the route, but after riding 1200 miles we’d like to see sth. They placed this mountain in our minds with the movies, so we can’t skip it when we are this much close…


This is the first mountain since we left Dayton, so the curves begin. The four faces were built on a place named Black Hills. There are several workers had died during the construction. The actual plan was to built it from head to toe, but the number of deaths and the cost have them leave the project after building the heads. These are the four faces of the presidents of the USA. All of them have memorable things to remember them in history. One of them ended the civil war, one of them started the national parks etc. To be honest even the Americans didn’t know them, so I didn’t memorize. As Merrill said, there is nothing to see except for the heads here. So, we are on the way again.


After leaving Mt. Rushmore and entering national forest we stop by an ice cream shop, because it attracts us like Hansel and Gretel. We eat our ice cream and some cake here, and we are ready for our next riding. We turn to another way b mistake…


But the way we entered by mistake is a very nice and scenery, so we enjoy it. When we see other motorcycles on this road, then we understand we are on the right way. And this way leads us to I-90 to the Wyoming State.


Maybe I should have told this by now, but all USA is connected by interstates. There are advantages and disadvantages to the country. It was taking months from east to west in old days, but after interstates it was reduced to 3 days. On the other hand, the local business was gone down, and the chain business, including supermarkets, restaurants, shopping malls, and hotels, rose. So, every city became almost the same because of this.

These interstates are built because of one of the presidents of the USA, Eisenhower. According to the sayings, when Eisenhower was a first lieutenant in the army, he was assigned as a convoy leader and he was told to lead it from New York to San Diego. Of course they spend 3 months on the roads. And he shouldn’t have forgotten this after he was elected to be the president, he started the interstates.

The logic behind these interstates is, 10s like I-80, I-90 describes the ways that are from east to west, and the 5s like I-75 and I-85 describes the ways that are from north to south.

End of note…



After a pretty long explaining about interstates we are back on I-90 heading to Wyoming. As soon as we go into the borders we see a tourist information office at the right. Actually, our plan was to arrive at Yellow Stone national park this evening, but the lady at the tourist information office says us not to try it today, and stay at Sheridan. We would be in danger in the dark if we try it today, she said. So, we obey the recommendation then decided to go to Sheridan. Sheridan is a pretty close to Yellow Stone, so it seem not to be a problem. On the interstate, there is no one but us, cows and some deers…


We try to find a way to eat something before finding a hotel when we arrive at Sheridan. It is again like a typical western town as in the movies. There is nothing to do. It starts to be crowded in July, as the locals say. After taking some pics on the main street, we head to a Mexican restaurant at the end of the street. The style and the food of the restaurant is pretty good. Because it is not a chain restaurant the taste is more delicious. Some Mexican boys sit next to us and buys us a drink… very kind people. After some chat with them, we ask them about why they are here to live, and they say their father came here to earn money. We think that “leave that warm climate and live in cold here” but not share that with them.

We made 362 miles from Rapid City to Sheridan today. After we’re full and drank some drinks we find a hotel to spend this night and get ready for tomorrows roads…

End of day 3…

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