(09.06.2011 - thursday)

As soon as we get up this morning, the first thing we do is looking outside an check if it is rainy. And bad news, yes it is rainy. After we open the TV and weather channel explains what we will see today…


It says we will have “scattered storm” today in the area we’re in and the route to Mt. Rushmore. When we see the news we understand that we have no other chance to go on. We don’t want to wait in a place that we don’t know where it is. But I must say I wouldn’t do this if I were there now… Scattered storm term meant nothing at that time, but we understand it was not from the hard way. We are caught to the first storm just after we leave the hotel. The weather is really wild here, again we can’t even see the car in front of us. Again we took hail along with the rain during the road. We have to continue desperately. After some time, we hide to some place and try to dry our clothes…


When we think the rain is over, we continue our way again, but again we are caught to the thunderstorms. This situation happens 12 times again today. We don’t have dry spot on us. But we continue 740 miles under this thunderstorm until Rapid City in South Dakota where we stop before Mt. Rushmore. 

Our first route was going from Iowa to Omaha from I-80 and then following I-90 via passing the Sioux City. But some people warn us, in a place where we gave a break for thunderstorms, about the flood in Sioux City and the roads are closed. We immediately change our direction to reach I-90 before Sioux City. After one day, we were thankful to do that because we see Sioux city under flood on the news.


Seldom, if the rain stops it leaves the area to the rainbow… Next city after Iowa is named Mitchell. We should drop by this city according to the route. As Merrill suggests, we’re going to visit “Corn Palace” here as an interesting place.




As the name suggests “Corn Palace” is a place covered by corn. The art paintings in it are all made of corns. It is an interesting architecture. We came all the way till here by the corn farms, so this means it is not only for eating. They also use it in architecture…


After leaving corn palace, we see a sign that addresses an old town. We want to stop by because we have time. It seems to be an interesting cowboy town just like in the movies. But, after 17:00 they close. So, we are only left here with some ghosts, and spirits, confirming the sign in the picture. We take a few pics of the outside part of the town then we are on our way again.

When we arrive South Dakota, Rapid City we immediately find a Motel 6 and dry our motorcycle gear that had the rain all day…

Like a black cloud followed us above all day… we felt ourselves like the characters in comedy cartoons…

End of day 2.

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