(08.06.2011 - wednesday)

Finally the day we were waiting to come had come. I think the best times to travel by a motorcycle are may or September depending on our experience, because out of this the weather is either too hot or too cold. We started this trip in June, and the first day was 95 Fahrenheit outside, so we thought it would have been a very hot trip. That’s why we took our summer gear although we were going to the north. We had an exam in the morning, and then we were on the roads around 13:45…

The trip team in this report is:

            Ahmet-Emel / Dayton, OH

                        (BMW R 1200 GSAdventure 2007 and some summer gear.)


I’d like to mention by the way, we have a route for this trip but no specified plan. So, we don’t know how many days to spend in one place, which means we don’t have any hotel reservations that would hurt us. We just have to be back within 17 days before our class started.

Yes, let’s continue from the road. With the hot weather around 95 Fahrenheit we are like in a stove. We open all the possible air conditioning options of our suits, but that’s not a solution. The road is so straight, and there are only corn farms on both sides. No trees for shade. Just corn, corn, corn… the first check point is Mt. Rushmore, so our aim is to arrive there as soon as possible. Yes, that’s the mountain that we always see in the movies, but it is almost impossible to arrive there today. So we have to stop at some place we get tired.


After a long trip we stop at a rest area where long vehicle mostly stop. Then we buy some gas, and rest a little bit. The weather was perfect when we reach Iowa. The sky is so clear. But, if you go a little bit further there is lightening.

We are on the road again after a 10-minute stop. But we stopped again in the first rest area to mount the camera on the motorcycle to record the lightening.

We mount the camera and are on the road again which lasts only for 100 feet. Then we understand the lightening above is not as innocent as it seems. It changes in a strong thunderstorm, and it started raining hail as big as a hazelnut. We can’t even see the car in front of us. It is hard to move. Later we saw that cars, buses, and trucks pull over, we do the same thing. But we have a difference from them, the hail rains just onto us and the motorcycle. And guess what, we don’t have our rain gear on us, and the boots and the gloves are for summer. I wish we had worn our rain gear instead of mounting the camera.

Then we realize there is no difference between going or waiting under the hail rain for us. We are wet from top to bottom, and there is nothing we can do. We continue our way about 50 miles, then we are out of the way of the hail storm, and the thunderstorm. And the weather gets better. Because we are wet, we choose to stop and stay at a hotel this evening. We don’t want to be sick on the first day. After asking to 2-3 hotels, we find a motel 6 to stay. The receptionist is also a rider. He helps us with it. Hence, we changed one time zone and we are one hour back now after 518 miles. So, we add this time to our sleep time. Then  we leave our motorcycle to the receptionist and sleep.

End of day 1…

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