We gave up the idea of going to Alaska with Merrill’s suggestion and we replaced it with a trip plan as good as Alaska. That was the route to northwest corner of the USA, which would create the same effect with Alaska and save more time for us to see more places. The route was from Dayton, OH to Seattle, WA. Merrill didn’t leave this suggestion alone with words, and he suggested us to help working on the route together. Then he invited us to his house to do that.

Although we knew him only for one day, we trusted him so much that he would do a good planning. And this trust enlarged after we arrived his home that day. He was ready for the planning with the maps of all states we would pass through, and some books about scenery highways and national parks besides the highlighters to make a better planning.


After some talking we started to plan the route not to lose time… it was a memorial highway for Merrill although he went there a lot of times. In 70s, in his hippie years he met with Diane, and decided to marry, despite he didn’t propose. They got married on a motorcycle trip in which they went to Glacier National Park, which is on this riding report as well. They were on a Honda Goldwing and the day they got married they tented. Then guess what, it rained. 


Following this joyful chat and planning, our route had become something like this. After we finished  mapping our route, we ate bbq together than we took a look around in the house.


Merrill likes antiques very much like most of the Americans. He has a corner for every antique he collected with a theme. These rifles and cowboy guns are just some examples of these. There are no pictures of it, but there is a carpenter’s shop at the basement of his house. And there are almost 50 gas tanks of BMW R 11150 gs and there are more…


Afterwards we went down to the garage and he showed us his BMW R1150 GS Adventure that he made his trips top to bottom.


Even this motorcycle is enough to understand what kind of a colorful person Merrill is. It is impossible to show all of it, but there is bicycle horn, a “gbs”, which is a toy that Merrill uses to make fun with gps users, and an umbrella under the seat as some examples. 


Finally we completed all our works and with books and the maps in our hands we were ready to leave after saying goodbye to Diane and Merrill. 

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