DAY 15

(22.06.2011 - wednesday)

Today is the day that I cannot escape anymore to ask a question: “what is the reason of the sound coming from the breaks?” Yes there is a sound coming from the rear break pads at almost every touch started from Seattle.  But I ignored it. Normally, I had to control it, but we were having so much fun with Evren that I didn’t want to go to BMW service and lose time. Definitely the problem was not solved since I ignored.

When the sound becomes more disturbing, I thought the disc would be harmed. Hence we have to change to break pads. The BMW service was 5 miles away from Evren’s house in Seattle: but now it is 660 miles away to the east in Salt Lake City. So, we have no choice. We have to go back to Medford BMW service, which is 70 miles to the west, because the breaks wouldn’t endure for another 660 miles.

Before doing that, we want to try the Yamaha/Honda/Suzuki service, all in one service, in Klamath Falls, the city we stayed last night. When they look at the break pads, they say they don’t have them in stock. If they order, it would take 2 days to have them.

So, again we have no choice… we have to go back to Medford for 70 miles. First of all, I call the service to confirm that they have the break pads. After getting an affirmative answer, we are on the way…

We follow a road that is very curvy for about 70 miles… and we see a sad event on the road. A three-wheel motorcycle had crashed and there is ambulance and the police…


Finally, we arrive at BMW service in Medford. They are very nice and welcoming people. We immediately ask them to change the pads. Normally they go with appointment, but because we are on a long trip the give us a priority.


After they change the break pads, I have a look at the total miles until we get here and see 6500 miles (10000 km) on the trip log. And we haven’t changed the oil since we started. Hence we ask to the service to change the oil as well…


But, they say no for the oil change, because it is not as important as the break pads and there are other customers waiting. So, I ask if I can use their tools and change the oil by myself, and I get an OK for that. I complete the oil and oil filter change at about half an hour and turn in the tools I borrowed from the service. After “thank you” to the service, we are back on our road to home…

We follow the same road back we came, but this time without a question mark about anything (the oil or the breaks). We have to look after our motorcycle, so it does it as well…




After passing through Klamath Falls again, we can’t stop until we get I-80 on the south. On this road, there is no a place to stay, or even a place to eat. By the way, we’re leaving Oregon and get into Nevada State, which is famous for its deserts. The only city we see before leaving Oregon is Lakeview.




It is about evening hours when we get Lakeview. By the way we move back 3 hours on the time zone on the way home. We used the advantage of having 3 hours more for daylight while we were going to the west, but now we have a disadvantage.

We meet a guy, who is a rider as well, pizza restaurant owner. After we have pizza at the restaurant we are on the way again.




The roads are empty, even there is no gas station. We are still trying to connect to I-80…


ride the empty roads… empty… ride… empty… ride…


Finally we connect to I-80, but there is no life on I-80 too. We just ride to find some life…

At last, we stop at the city we find as the first city on the road. Nevada is also has too much casinos because gambling is allowed in the state. Las Vegas is the most eminent one, but this city, Elko, is also full of with casinos… Although there is nightlife here, our first thought is to find a hotel and sleep after an 850-mile ride today. But, all the hotels are full. We can just find a smoking room at one of the hotels. It would be the last thing to do staying at a smoking room for us, but we have to do it not to ride for another 200 miles…

End of Day 15…

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