DAY 14

(21.06.2011 - tuesday)

After we have our breakfast we are on the way to Mt. Hood. Mt. Hood is located 50 miles south east of Oregon, and is the highest mountain in Oregon, which heights about 3500 meter. Of course our aim is not to climb to the top. But close to that which is a hotel named, Timberline Lodge.


Because we stayed at a hotel close to Mt. Hood, we arrive very early to Timberline Lodge in the morning. We see a different situation from our expectations when we arrive at Timberline Lodge. This place is a ski center actually, and is still active at this time of the year.


Because we are curious about the situation, we ask to the receptionist about the skiing season of Mt. Hood. And we learn that this is open to skiing tourism all year except for the September. This sounds a pretty good think for those who loves skiing like us. You don’t have to wait for the winter.

There is also Hood River down the mountain where you can do some water activities like kite surfing. So, after living in Dayton for about a year, these activities sounds good to me a lot. However, if our school was here we couldn’t study I guess…


When we were buying our riding suits on us, there were some pictures of who bought them before on the company’s website. One of them had taken a picture with this suit while skiing… I immediately remember this and want to rent skis from the rental.


But after Emel says “no!” I immediately turn back to the rental and go back to the lobby. Although we have limited time and a long way, we ask to the reception for an empty room. After we learn there is no empty room, my skiing thoughts live its place to a nice brunch.


Inside of the hotel is as good as the scenery outside. The woodwork is good and nicely decorated. While we are eating our brunch, we have the chance to see people skiing outside. After having our brunch, we are ready to go…





Our next target is Crater Lake National Park. This will be the first time I’ll see a crater lake alive, after seeing a lot in the documentaries. So, we’re excited about this. We go down to the south to find the Crater Lake.

Of course we have long way to the lake. This is the hottest day of the trip except for the first day, as we ride to the south. Hence, we take a break for both to cool ourselves and get some gas. We got lots of insects on our windshield, so it’s time for us to clean them.


after cooling down, we are back on the road.




We feel like we are in the documentaries when we see this scenery. We see a dead deer and some BIRDS that are completing the ecological circulation… of course when we want to stop nearby them; they give a break for their food and runaway. After we move on, they come back…


As you can guess, the elevation goes higher when we get closer to the Crater Lake. Hence the temperature goes down. But it doesn’t hurt.


We continue to ride and we say we wish it would be colder. Because everywhere is full of insects that you cannot even open your helmet’s windshield. We’d like to stop by a shop to buy some souvenirs and take a picture. But the insects wouldn’t allow. It is impossible to take the helmet off until you get into a closed place. We ask to personnel at the shop why there is too much insects around. He says that they lay eggs into the snow before winter, and when the summer comes and the snow begins to melt down they get off from their eggs and start disturbing people. Now, it is the time to come off their eggs. That’s why there is too much insects around.




When we get closer to the zenith the number of insects begins to decrease. At least we can take off our helmets and take some pictures… and the scenery is just beautiful… 




The sunset is about to come, and the scenery becomes more beautiful with the shades, sun, water, and reflections, and composes good photographs.


We’d like to follow the rim around the lake, but again some part of it closed like the Going to the sun road, Glacier National Park. Again we do the open pieces of the road from one side to another.


I don’t know if you’ll like it but this one is my favorite photograph of the Crater Lake among the photos I took. Of course, there are nicer pictures of others…

There is a national park lodge here, right next to the lake. After we park our motorcycle, we get into the lodge and go to the restaurant section. We take coffee and drink it while watching the scenery. There is no available room for today at the lodge, so we can’t stay here. So, in order to find a place to stay tonight, we are back on the road down.

There are no checkpoints for today for the rest of the road. Hence, we’d like to go as far as we can and stay at a secure place. The roads become silent and we see nothing on the way in front of us. Because of this, we stop at Klamath Falls after 70-80 miles after Crater Lake. And we start sleeping after a 582-mile trip today.

End of day 14...

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