DAY 13

13.gün (20.06.2011 - monday)




Afterwards, We have our breakfast at a beautiful place, named Krumpet Shop with Evren. She is still trying to convince us to stay. Actually, we don’t want to go either. But, we are at the northwest top of the USA, so we have a lot of way to home back. We have to leave…


and we load our stuff back on the motorcycle. And then we leave Seattle, the place we didn’t even plan to stay one night, after four days… 


We have another check point today, Olympic National Park. This park is in Washington State on the Olympic peninsula and consists of 4 main regions. These four regions are Pacific coastline, areas, the west side temperate rainforests and the forests of the drier east side. We take a ferry to reach to the park.


After we get off the ferry, the fist place we visit is Hurricane Ridge, as the most important viewpoint of the park. This is a nice place to ski in the winter and ride in summer on the curvy roads. And we arrive at the park entrance with smiley faces of rangers.




There is still snow on the ground when we come to Hurricane Ridge. There is nothing to do much at this viewpoint. You can just sit at a chair and look at the beautifulness of the scenery and enjoy it. 


Therefore, we take a coffee and some souvenirs from the shop and be back on the road again to the Pacific coastline of the park.




When you come to the coastline, a very scenic road is waiting for you. It is one of the hottest days since we left the house. We live the comfort of not to wear rain suits. After some riding the first stop is the rainforests. Although it is very scenic, we have to stop and take walk around the region. But we need time to do that, so we don’t stop here. We come up with a hotel along the coastline, so we take a break here. It is relaxing scenery.


We move on our road from the coastline. After a while, we see another scenic hotel and stop there for another break. This hotel gives good scenery with the bungalow rooms right on the Pacific Beach. We may stay here, but we choose to continue because there is still time until sunset.




We come to the end of the national park after following the coastline. Our new target is Mt. Hood, which is another natural beauty, in Oregon State. But, it is almost impossible for us to arrive there this evening. Therefore, we are not in a hurry. We stop by another hotel at the exit of the Olympic National Park, and eat our dinner here.


I said this is a hotel, but actually this is a national park lodging. So, this is an original place to stay or relax. It reminds us old English castles like in the movies.


A bird comes by and drinks some water in front of the restaurant while we are eating dinner. As we learn from the waitress, this is a bee bird.


We leave the national park after our last stop at the lodging. Then we continue to Portland, the capital of Oregon, to be as close as possible to Mt. Hood, which is our new destination for tomorrow. And we stay at a hotel we find on the road after a 430-mile ride today.

End of Day 13...

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