DAY 12

(19.06.2011 - sunday)

We are on the way early in the morning, but not by a motorcycle this time. The target is Mt. Reiner. We borrowed a car, which is not automatic, from Evren’s friend. Although we use normal shift in Turkey, we get used to the automatic. So, it takes some time to remember again. Our first stop is the China Town’s bakery to get something to eat. And then, after a long drive to the top we’re on the Mt. Reiner.




It takes a long time to get to the top. We are thankful to Evren because we didn’t try it by motorcycle. Because of it is rainy and cold. It is icy on some parts of the road. It could be dangerous by motorcycle.




We couldn’t see the highlight of Mt.Reiner, which is Paradise, when we reach the top. Because of it is foggy. Instead of the scenic view we see Jeabum, our classmate from South Korea, and his family. After having sometime with them, we start to go down again.




The sky is still foggy. The condition of the rain can be understood from this fox I guess. Now, we’re on the way back to Seattle.


The only problem of the car that we borrowed is its headlights. They are not working. And because it is foggy, I use the fog lights. While going on the road a ranger car comes from the other side. He sees the fog lights and starts to follow. Then I understand we’re going to stop.


After a short follow, he makes us stop. He comes by and wants the documents. We explain the situation and he understands, but still does his duty. When he comes after investigating, we learn the problem is bigger. He says the car should be red instead of yellow according to the records. He warns us about it and leaves. But, before he leaves we take a photo with him.

Afterwards, we are back in Seattle, and turn the car in. The owner is not aware of the records as well. The police did not stop him for 10 years but we are in one day.

Then dinner, and sleeping…  we have to leave tomorrow, although we don’t want to…

End of day 12…

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