(15 June 2009 Monday)

We can say it is monday technically, because it passed 00:00, although it is sunday today. We meet at Erkan's house, of course everone is very excited. We are about to leave now. We cannot postpone or cancel, because the motorcycles are about to arrive at Italy... the friends of Erkan left us to the airpost, and we begin to wait for our plane very curiously. 



Our plane take off around 06:00 am, and land around 08:00 (of course we adjust our watches one hour earlier). We meet with the truck drivers while we are waiting for the bus which will take us from Ljublana to Trieste. When they learn that we are motorcyclists, than they get more interested. One of them is very hot blooded and gets interested about us very much, and begins to tell everything he knows about our route. He follows our paper work when we arrive at Trieste, buys us some tea, tells about his life etc. He uses the technology very well although he is about his sixties.





Then Erkan's friends which he makes business from Istanbul comes to take us at the port. They take us to their office when we learn that the ferry will be late. We sit together, and they showed us great hospitality. When we learn that the ferry is about to arrive, we again go to the port to meet our motorcycles at last... after saying good bye to Ahmet, the truck driver, we come back to the office. Although our friends insists on buying us some dinner, we don't want to spend more time here, and want to be on the roads immediately.





But, we regret not to listen them and eat at their office, because everywhere is closed at this time of the day. We have to ride with the empty stomachs which goes very smalller, until we see this restaurant on the right side of the road...


I thought we would ride until Venice with these empty stomachs, and began to scare. Then this pizza survived us. I still remember how delicious it was...

After we eat, we are on our way again. The campings get started before 35kms from Venice. Erkan says let's go to this one, that he remembers it from internet, and we listen. Don't think only tents when I say camping, they are all 5 stars or 4 stars. The have facilities like bars, discos, swimming pools, restaurants etc. You may set up your own tent, or may rent the prepared tents, or may rent the prefabric houses if you are too tired to set up your tents...



There is a shuttle from our camping to Venice at every hour. So, we don't want to go there by our motorcycles. Because, we already heard of the expensive parking lot prices in Venice (Don't say "how you will hang around in VEnice by motorcycles?" this is valid for every big city in Italy). So the Venice in the evening...




Of course there are disadvanteges traveling by bus. We already knew that we would miss the last shuttle to our camping from Venice, so we listen to the advice of the lady that we would take the bus from Venice until airport, then we would take a taxi... We come to the airport without any problem, but.... when we get to the airport there are even no alive creature forget about a taxi... finally we find a man who behaves like a taxi at nights and he accepted to take us to our camping after a little bargain...

end of the 1st day...

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