(12 Haziran 2009 Thursday)

Our problem that we had with our motorcycle in Izmir was ok in about fourteen days. After I got the good news, I found myself in a bus with a huge backpack going to Izmir. According to the normal plan, I should have been in Istanbul on wednesday, but because of this problem we delayed it one day.

I leave Izmir at around 19:00 pm, and after sleeping in Balikesir about 2 hours... finally I’m in Istanbul early in the morning and meet with Erkan. First of all, I want to leave my motorcycle to a Honda service again for a final check before giving it to the ferry... and I get onto the Erkan’s to do the red tape work, even without the need for a breakfast.

We apply to take our international drivers’ license, insurance and the international vehicle document from the government. After about an hour, the documents are ready... actually we don’t have to do it in Istanbul, we could do it at the borders if we were going on the ground, but because we are sending the motorcycles by ferry to Italy we have to do this here...

While we are dealing with these paper works and some others, we forget to call the Ro-Ro guys and ask for the working hours. Hence, we call them after we remember it, and they say we should be in Pendik to load the motorcycles in one hour (. You may imagine if you know Istanbul, but we are in Maslak now, my motorcycle is in Kadikoy, and we have to g oto Goztepe to take our stuff... so it is a kind of impossible thing to do. For about one minute, we think about delaying the trip for one more day. But, then we immediately cancel it and convince the lady on the phone to be on the Ro-Ro 3 hours later...

We quickly finish our work and arrive at Ro-Ro on time, then we begin the paper work here... at the moment we take a deep breath and say everthing is ok now, we figure out that Erkan forgot to bring his passport with him. And the Ro-Ro  guys insist to see it. Anyway, some phone calls and arrangements the passport comes from Beykoz in the evening traffic jam, and we had to wait for it. But, this time when we have the passport with us the computer system of the Ro-Ro has gone. Oh, is a sign from the god? But, at the end after all these actions, we are on the R0-Ro...






After loading the motorcycles to the Ro-Ro, I go back to Eskisehir and leave Erkan in Istanbul to meet them again at the airport for the airplane, which belongs to Adria Airlines, that U.N. Ro-Ro arranged for us at 04:00 am to fly to Ljubljana, Slovenia.

For those who wants to send the motorcycles like us to abroad, the airplane tickets are included in the price for Ro-Ro. If you want you may go with the Ro-Ro with your motorcycle for three days to Trieste, Italy or you may go by plane while the Ro-Ro is about to arrive a the port. Also the transportation from the airport to the port is included in the price... 

Now, we're ready to take-off...

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