DAY 11

8 July 2014, Tuesday (RTW, Georgian and Turkey Part, by Merrill Glos)

"Next day is oil and filter change day.  Ahmet takes the day off; he and Emel ride his GS and it’s off to buy oil… 30 miles away…"


"The oil guy’s father was into 50’s & 60’s Americana and the back room of the store is a museum of all things American… see pic. "


"Buying the oil takes an hour with tea and conversation… of course I’m like the guy’s dad with all my collections.  There’s enough English that I can participate."


"Next is the 3 ½ hour oil change.  HugeGuy set us up and they’re expecting us.  First, let the Tenere cool for at least an hour…. tea is served, some friends are invited to join us, under a shade tree, lots of talk about us and my trip."


"One of the guests suggests I stop at on my way to Poland.  Hey, that’s right.  I met the owner Doug from Alabama at an HU meeting at the Ironhorse in 2007??  He had ridden his old (47?) Harley RTW (probably not Mongolia) just prior to the meeting… he met a lovely Bulgarian lady and started the motocamp in a rural location in the mountains of Bulgaria."

"The mechanic doing the oil change removes the skid plate to access the filter and cleans all the collected asphalt.  He sprays the engine area with a mild solvent and blows it clean, he notes the right fork seal is weeping, but not to worry…yet. "


"We leave to visit another guy who’s restoring an old BMW airhead… I watch the owner of the shop form some sheet steel into a ‘rad’ rear fender/saddlebag structure for his Harley…. The 3 ½ hours passes quickly…it’s not about the oil change, but a gathering of like minds and I thoroughly enjoy it, even though I only pick up bits of the conversation…. Ahmet is making biker buddies that will be able to help him in their new city.  All’s well."


"Tuesday night HugeMan joins us for dinner at an older part of Ankara, residential with nice shops and shaded streets.  Fajitas at ‘El Paso’."


"Ahmet squeezes the ketchup tube too tight, it explodes on everyone.  HugeMan is very personable, good English, lots of stories and fotos on his big Samsung phone.  He has been a great help to Ahmet and me for sharing his favorite riding areas and maintenance shops.  I try to thank him accordingly.  It’s a late night, but a great night.  Thanks so much, HugeMan."

end of the 11th day... 


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