DAY 10

7 July 2014, Monday (RTW, Georgian and Turkey Part, by Merrill Glos)

 "Ahmet and I arrive the Bengoz apartment at 8:30 and Emel has dinner waiting for us.  We chat until 1am but I awake early enough to see Ahmet off to work on Monday morning…."


"Emel and I walk to the ‘military housing’ supermarket and bakery for fresh fruit and bread.  It’s a leisurely morning.  After breakfast it’s about me and servicing my Tenere.  Ahmet had purchased a set of Metzler Tourance tires for me.  Emel suits up (she’s ATGATT, google it), I put the new tires on the back of my bike and we’re off, she on their Honda 150 scooter.  She looks good in her riding outfit."


"As with any city in the world, except North America, all the automotive stuff is located in one section of town….electronic stuff another section…. appliances another…etc. etc.  It’s inconvenient until you get there, then it’s easy to ‘shop’ for the best deal etc.  Murat aka “HugeGuy” has told Ahmet about the shop he uses (and was the source of all the info for our entire ride (Ahmet had never been to any of the places we rode the past week) including the stay at Sadat’s dormitory.  (I meet Murat at dinner my last night, he’s a huge guy…..6-4 and built, rides a 1200GS he fitted with a 21inch front rim, likes to ride in the desert and on snow!!)  The tire place does both tires with dynamic balance in 30 minutes, including wheel removal.  Thirty bucks."



"Next we head to city center, but the museums are closed on Monday so we walk to a city park, have ice tea and chat. When Ahmet comes home, we take the bus for wood fired pizza at a sidewalk table. "


"Who would have thought that Turkey would be hot is mid July??? I did.  But, it’s not. I’m very comfortable, even for me.  The humidity is non-existent, there’s a breeze and the temps stay in the low 90’s.  The only ‘hot and muggy’ comes when I ride the Mediterranean in the south."

"The Bengoz apartment is on the top 9th floor, there’re two balconies, a constant breeze, no a/c and clothes dry on the drying rack in minutes…. I’m in the spare bedroom and very comfortable at night."

Thanks to Merrill for sharing... end of the 10th day...



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