6 July 2014, Sunday... 

For me, traveling is all about meeting new people! That's why I like traveling by motorcycle. You always have the chance to meet new people. Even if you are shy to say hello, he/she says hello before you, when he/she sees you in your motorcycle suits. Well, this is one example that I pictured, for others, they stay in our memories...


 after we had our breakfast, we leave the hotel and we're on the road again...


 We follow the coastal road again..


 and would like to have a break at this tiny coastal town...


Turkish people love sports, but football (soccer) will definetly take the first place (not for me!, but most of the people). Well, there is a famous Turkish football team called, Fenerbahce, and this guy, the owner of the house, made a top about fanaticism... ! he painted all his house to the colors of the team, and make some signboard about the players on the team. When I asked to the villagers, they say he made a discussion about the teams with a Galatasaray supporter (Galatasaray is another team in Turkey) and got mad at him, then he made his house like this to remind him about Fenerbahce everyday, and every night with the lighted sign board!


RTW, Georgian and Turkey Part, by Merrill Glos


"On our fifth and final day of riding together, we drop south to visit Safronbolu, an historical town known for its wood houses which Ahmet knows I would appreciate. "


"It’s a lovely town, narrow cobblestone walks for pedestrians only, cafes and lots of shade."


"We visit one house that was restored by the city as a house museum.  The town is named after the most expensive spice…. and was on the ‘Silk Road’ in ancient times. 


"After Safronbolu, we hustle to Ankara to meet Emel who has dinner waiting for us at 8:30."



well, this officially means the end of my short Trip when we arrive at Ankara as my last destination. But, for Merrill, it was just some part of his big journey... He is going to spend some days in Ankara, so keep following!


a picture for Diane, Merrill's lovely wife in  the USA, showing that Merrill is with us and safe!

end of the 9th day...


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