5 July 2014, Saturday... 

Sedat said he can't wake up early, so we already said good bye to him last night. In the morning we packed up and hit the road early in the morning, because we have a long way today...


RTW, Georgian and Turkey Part, by Merrill Glos:

"The Black Sea coast road is a four lane divided but not limited access.  65-70 mph is good until the next town with traffic and stop lights.  On most coastal roads I’ve ridden, the water is visible maybe 50% of the time at best…. not here, the road is right next to the water and is visible at least 95% of the time, excepting tunnels.  Beautiful."


"80 kilometers before Sinop, the high traffic route turns SW toward Ankara and Istanbul.  We stay on the coast and the going gets much slower.  The road winds inland to circumnavigate rivers with lesser bridges."


"On one stretch of inland road, we encounter a section that’s been freshly asphalted… but the crew went home without laying the gravel or chips…. It’s a long detour, so we ride slowly, but not slow enough….. our bikes are covered with dripping wet asphalt and I’m pissed."




"In all my travels, I’ve never encountered such disregard for people’s property.  When we pull into a gas station after the encounter, a woman looks at our bikes and is agast…. She whips out her smart phone and takes pictures…. Maybe to laugh at us, but I think she was as upset as we were.  I’m thinking we’ll lose a day just cleaning the bikes….. Ahmet’s RoadCrafter is stained from the knees down; my boots are black… what a mess."


"Trouble is, I don’t think like a Turk.  For Ahmet, it was just a case of finding someone to clean the bikes for us…. The gas station is busy with other guys cleaning their cars…. So we rode on to the next town, 50 kilometers further.  Ahmet bought a gallon of ‘lamp oil’ (kerosene) at a gas station and next door was a high pressure car wash guy. "


"He used Ahmet’s kerosene to soften the tar and pressure washed the bikes cleaner than they were before the tar bath.  We lost a total of an hour and half for the entire ordeal.  I sure was happy after the wash."


"By now it’s getting dark and Ahmet finds a nice rustic ‘hotel’ that overlooks the Sea.  Jonas from Switzerland is pedal biking across the world, joins us for some drinks and conversation before heading off into the dark to camp.  He values our road condition remarks and we warn him about the asphalt section."



I have an input here!

while we are talking with Jonas, we asked him about his route. He says he is a receptionist in Swiss and quit the job to the his RTW on his bicycle... He is heading to east... and he assumes this will finish in two years... (Ohhh, it is too long!) While I was thinking about him, the hotel owner comes by and tells about a man doing an RTW with a HANDBARROW! and he stopped when he passes through this road at this hotel. The owner of the hotel says he had a flag of Canada at the corner of his "handbarrow" and started his RTW from Canada 7 years ago! After 7 years, he was here, well I think it will take another 7 years for him to be back in Canada...


the scenery of the hotel...


and the scenery of our hotel room....

this is the end of the 8th day...


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