3 July 2014, Thursday... 

A short summary from Merrill, (RTW, Georgian and Turkey Part, by Merrill Glos)

 "Ahmet’s wanting to meet me in Tbilisi turns out to be very serendipitous… more later. 

It’s a 3 ½ day ride for Ahmet to get from Ankara (capitol of Turkey) to Tbilisi.  He arrives at the Georgia border and is turned back because he doesn’t have the proper paperwork for his BMW.  He has taken a week holiday to ride with me and could not wait for his new title/registration papers to arrive via post.  Georgia customs is not sympathetic.  He turns back to Turkey but the BMW won’t start.  A Turkey border guy tries to help and Ahmet tells him the story…the Turkey guy knows a Turkey guy who knows a Georgia guy and in what’s not a common practice, the Turk talks to the Georgia official and convinces him that all is legit.  Ahmet’s bike starts and he gets into Georgia.

The big Georgia border town on the Black Sea is Batumi and since Georgia is a Christian country, there’s booze, gambling and women.  Ahmet says what happens in Batumi, stays in Batumi."



Let's go on with me for today... we wake up in the morning and head to one of our national parks called "Black Lake". Well, I must say, this is also my first time here like Merrill... and now we're discovering it together... so, we leave teachers' house...




and we reached the national park entrance. Of course, this is different from the USA National Park system. Acually, I haven't seen a national park system in the countries that I traveled like the USA. I think that's why they love their president, who started the national parks in the USA.



after we have a short walk inside the park, we get on our bikes again and head for a little village on the Georgian border, which is famous for its bees and nature.


There is still snow  on some of the mountain passes on the way...


asking for the road to the village...


this village named as "village with the Mosque" because of the historical wooden mosque inside the village. Because Merrill is a wood man, I thought he will love this place and we are here. I'm glad he liked here when he see the wood work inside...


He takes this photo, and says this photo is the highlight of his trip...


The village people say that there is a famous waterfall up on the mountains, but the road is offroad. Merrill wanted to see it, and I decide to stay... After a while he comes back, because the road was blocked...


I take some photos of the children in the village while waiting Merrill...


inside the village...


a friend of mine visited this village last year, and he said he bought a beehive. Therefore, he wanted me to visit his beehive, and take some pics of it. Then I found the guy, who sold it to him, and visit the beehive...


 This village is at the Georgian border as I said before... and this is the border stone that seperates Georgia from Turkey. And it also seperates this village into two. It is not allowed to pass this stone without permission...


 the beehive was on the otherside of the village, and the guy took us with his minibus. After we leave him, we turn back to the old bridge that we passed, and take this shot...


 Now, we are on the way to another national park, called Ayder Plateau. Well, I realized that today is a long day...


and we arrive to the Kackar Mountains National Park, or we can call it Ayder Plateau with the most eminent name...




we had some people, motorcycle lovers... they were so surprised when they learned that Merrill was doing a RTW.


 after the national park, we stop at a place to eat some fish. Although Merrill doesn't like to eat fish that much, he enjoyed it.


 and we continue to move on the sunset... and find another teachers' house in Ikizdere, Rize, Turkey. Tomorrow, we're going to make another long day...

end of the 6th day.

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