1 July 2014, Tuesday...

I wake up at 06.00 am in the morning, and I know I have a long way to Tblisi, Georgia to meet Merrill... I generally use GPS, and until now accept for our first trip to Italy, we always had our GPS with us. But, now I don't have one with me, because I had a short period of time to mount it on the bike... and get some map... so, I skip it... Before leaving the hostel, I checked the address of the hotel in Tblisi, where Merrill is staying right now and think it would be easy to find... and I'm on the way...


 the road is with one lane most of the time from Batumi to Tblisi, and the drivers are crazy... like 100 kms before Tblisi, it becomes a highway, which seems to be good and comfortable... I think because it is the way that goes to these places on the sign...


but, when you enter Tblisi... it is really hard to describe... I can say it is very complex, and hard to find a place if you don't have a GPS...

The most difficult thing is to communicate with people, rather than not to have a GPS. Because most of them don't know English... anyway, I tried to find the Hotel 444 for 2 hours... and just before I was going to quit, I find it ... 


Yes! this is really a nice moment when I see Merrill, trying to eat his sandwich in a very cool mood... while I was sweating from riding in the crazy traffic...

And from now on, because it is Merrill's RTW... I will leave the area to write it with his own words, so you may hear Turkey from his vision... instead of mine with a subjective one... and let's start today from his side again...




"It’s Tuesday morning, hot and muggy and I have to vacate my room by noon.  The hotel girl tells me that Batumi is an eight hour drive, putting Ahmet’s arrival at 4 or 5 pm…. I decide to keep the two bed room for another day and enjoy the a/c.  At 2pm, I’m next door having lunch on a sidewalk table at a donner shack when Ahmet rounds the corner on his 2007 R1200GSA….. we see each other simultaneously.  It’s early enough to ride, but the room is paid for and we decide to stay, walk and talk and have a nice dinner.

It’s good to be with my friend Ahmet.

Back in the US, Ahmet couldn’t find his own bathroom without his GPS…. But he’s GPS-less and had arrived Tbilisi at noon and it took him two hours to find me.  (I had emailed him the name, phone #, web site and email address of the hotel). He carries a phone.  (The hotel girl had it wrong…. judging by the condition of the road from the north, she was correct, but when we leave on the western road, it’s an expressway and the best road of the trip.)"

Yes, this is the end of the 4th day...


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