30 June 2014, Monday

Sedat said that I would wait for him for breakfast, because the road is not too far from Trabzon to Batumi, Georgia. So, I hit the road after we ate our breakfast together... that was a delicious one... and I'm on the way to Batumi...


Sedat was right, the road is short till Batumi border... but on the way, a thought comes to my mind...

I told you, I bought the motorcycle like 2 weeks ago... and in Turkey when you buy it the registration documents comes after 2 weeks to your address. But they give you a temporary title from the notary until the real one comes... and I wonder if this temporary one would work at the gate, because I haven't received the real one yet...!


Yes, I am at the border now praying not have a problem... but it is not working like that... Murphy's laws... I pass the Turkish gate without a problem... but on the Georgia side the police woman asks  for the registration, then I show her the temporary documents I have... and she calls out another policeman to kick me out to Turkey back!

So, I turned back to my country with a desperate mood... there is nothing to do and I will email Merrill as soon as I get a hotel nearby... and will ask him to come here to meet me instead of Georgia...

But! while I'm waiting at the queue to get in Turkey back, a Turkish policeman comes by and starts to chat with me about motorcycling... he was a motorcycle police in Bursa and love to ride. He likes my bike, and wanted to chat. Then I tell him my problem and he says, let's ask to Chief of Georgian Border Police, and take our chance... 

When we ask him to enter, and show him the documents... he calls the other lady at the gate on walky talky, and allows me to get in... 

And I'm very lucky... this time the battery runs out, and my bike won't start... we just leave it for a while then come back again. I give a try, and it starts... oh my god!!! my luck comes back... I turned back to the Georgian side and now I'm in Batumi after about a 50-km ride...


I see lots of riders from Turkey in Batumi... and they arranged nice hotels... I tried to check in  one of them, the price seems to be higher than I thought. And I searched for a place to stay tonight online, and I find this lovely hostel... we have a nice talk with the locals and share some information about Georgia... and I started to take a walk around the city...



There is the world cup on tvs, and everybody watching it in the Piazza... 


and I tried a local Georgian food, called "khachapuri", which may be described as closed mozeralla pizza... nice food...


Afterwards, the dark comes and I continue to hang around for a while... then I go to sleep for tomorrow... I'll meet Merrill... 

end of the 3rd day...


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