29 June 2014, Sunday


We wake up around 08:00 am in the morning, and have breakfast with Ridvan. Then, I am ready to go and say goodbye to him...

My next destination is Ordu. And I'm planning to visit a legend man in Turkey... a legend in riding... named Osman Gursoy... he is in his 80s right now and he traveled with his 50 cc Vespa scooter all around Europe and the USA.  Before going to Ordu, I call him on the way, and he describes me his address... and I found him...


Traveling by high technology and high cc motorcycles seems to be easy when you meet him. He is a real traveler and adventurous man, because he did this and more with his 50 cc Vespa which you can see above ... he made 19 trips from Turkey to England in the 1960s and he also send his Vespa to the USA, and made all around the USA trip once. Doing this now seems to be easy (although it is not) but in those years you need a good vision and gut to to that...


He is  also and inventor, he sees hovercraft in England, and says "Hey! I can do this in Turkey" and builts his own hovercraft again in 1960s, which was even not a dream for most of the people not only in Turkey but also in most of Europe...


yes, this is the odometer of his Vespa... while he was on the road, he sees it reaches 99999 and get of the bike and dismounts it... Vespa company hears about him and invites him to the company. Then they give him a new Vespa... You can watch a trailer of the documentary about him from the link It is produced by 2Enduro, and directed by Tolga Basol... who are other travelers from Turkey and talented to make movies...


as I said, he is traveler but an inventor at the same time... he invents the intercom system (I don't know if someone else invented it before) while traveling around. He takes a radio and arranges it to work as an intercom, and he could record his voice at the same time. He makes me listen to his recordings when I am with him. And he has a good level of English as well...


 well, this is the ancient intercom, invented by Osman Gursoy...


I give my present to Osman Gursoy as a souvenir from our website and our visit...


It may take a long story to tell about Osman Gursoy... so, we leave the rest of the story to you to learn more about him, maybe after the documentary has been finished... because we have a long way to go, we say goodbye to him and heading to Trabzon, Turkey... to meet another big traveler, named Sedat Bozkurt... this guy just finished a RTW/2, which means the half of it and we're going to meet him in the evening...


when I got there, he was working on his R80GS. Ok, that's not the bike he took for RTW/2, but he decided to do the RTW with an R80GS... Not this one, but he owns another one like this... he says he is now preparing it to go...

He is running a students dormitory, for Black Sea Technical University. It is a private one, but you understand that it is built by an adventurous man when you enter inside... it is so beautiful... 

We have a nice chat with him, and eat dinner together.. then it is 02.00 am in the morning that the time passes too quickly... we're not finished with Sedat Bozkurt, and get back here soon...

so, you got it, this is the end of the 2nd day...


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