28 June 2014, Saturday

well, I could say I understand from the maintenance and the motorcycles.. especially from bmw gs's... but I'm mistaken...

Lessons learned from here... never trust yourself more than needed... 

This cost me a suspension... and now I have to change it before I hit the road... because I will need it especially on the ways of Black Sea...

Thanks to god! I have good friends like Murat Turgut... When I learned that my front suspension is not working, I wanted to order one. But they said that, because they don't hold inventory, they have to bring it from Germany and it would take 15 days to arrive... and Murat gave me his front suspension!!! so in one day, my problem got solved... now, I can go to Georgia with confidence... but before it I have to change it...


First of all, we dismounted everything on the bike...



then change the front suspension...

and finally we are finished in 3 hours to be on the road today...



today, for a summer day... it is stormy and rainy... the first day of my riding... of course god knows I'm on the way and the rain come back!!!


my first destination is Vezirkopru, Samsun... a very historical town which goes BC 2000 - BC 700. It was first founded by Hitits and since then it had been conquered by different citizens like Phrygians, Alexander the Great and others until Ottoman Empire... There were so many Ottoman politicians that were born here, so the place called Vezirkopru...

The reason that I'm going to Vezirkopru is a friend of mine living there. So, I'd like to visit him. But, when I got there, I can't reach him. He does not answer the phone. Some other person comes by and ask about the motorcycle as a classical person who does not have a motorcycle, but wonders a lot about it! and he tries to help me to find my friend... then he shows me a historical hotel to spend the night, because we couldn't find Ridvan (my friend).



This is Ahmet, who tried his best to help me find my friend Ridvan, then showed me the way to the historical town center and the place to stay.


Because it is Ramadan, the holy month in Islam, and it is just the dinner time which means you can eat food after a long day without eating and drinking anything... there are noone around so is the receptionist... and now I'm waiting for him to check in.

After I had my dinner, and waiting for the receptionist, Ridvan calls me apoligizing not to answer and comes to the Tashan, the historical hotel. This place was used by the trading convoys as a hostel until 20 years ago... until it got restorated the people around were still coming by their horses, tying them at the gate and make business in the town... 


Then we go to some other places in Vezirkopru with Ridvan and two of his friends...


Because it is Ramadan, most of the entertainment places are closed, and we go to a local restaurant and drink some tea from the Samovar... what Samovar means is from the Wikipedia:


"A samovar literally "self-boiler", Turkish: semaver, is a heated metal container traditionally used to heat and boil water in aTurkey. Since the heated water is typically used to make tea, many samovars have a ring-shaped attachment around the chimney to hold and heat teapot filled with tea concentrate. Though traditionally heated with coal or charcoal, many newer samovars use electricity to heat water in a manner similar to an electric water boiler. Antique samovars are often displayed for their beautiful workmanship."

and  Vezirkopru is famous for producing Semovars as handmades...


We spend all the night together with Ridvan and his friends... and we couldn't realize the time... this is  suhoor time, meal  before dawning during Ramadan... and the traditional alarm clock to wake people up for suhoor...

which means the end of my first day...



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