DAY 12

(02.01.2011 Sunday)

We read from a website that Chattanooga has a tourist attraction that may worth to see. Because of this, we made the reservation not from Atlanta but Chattanooga. Therefore, we’d like to visit there when we wake up this morning, but It is cold again. We are not on the south we shouldn’t forget this…




We have a long ride until home, so we cancel to visit there. However, I ask to the receptionist and he confirms the “no’ as well. And we have a 650-km long and cold riding until home.

After we leave the hotel, we see our friends that were making a similar route with us in a car. We go some little piece of the road together. And the immortalize this riding for us…





Afterwards, we see a frozen lake on the side of the road, and take a break there.





We continue to the road after the break, and get separated from them…




And around 9:00 pm, we get into the borders of Dayton. There was no rain today, but the cold was as disturbing as the rain. And I can say, rain is better. Of course, although they give alarms on TV for snow, rain, ice and etc. we feel lucky that we aren’t caught any of them.

And also thanks to hot packs, it helped a little bit while we were going at 24 Fahrenheit (-5 Celsius). So, we finish the trip with the memories of trying to get warmer with the blankets… the cold was the starring of this trip, and I may not be riding in the cold for a long time…

the end

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