DAY 11

(01.01.2011 Saturday)

Today is the first day of the year. It goes on as you start… so we want to start with a 950-km riding. Our target is Chattanooga, Tennessee for the evening. It will be a 10-hour riding if we don’t stop. However it is impossible not to stop. So, we are climbing to the north, It is hot today, and no need to wear rain suits. Even we take of other layers inside the riding suits. This is the first day that we’re having this hot. Of course, it doesn’t last so long. We wear all of them back in one hour. We have a long way, and there is no much to see along the road, so except for the meal breaks we don’t stop. There are some accidents, because it is the end of the vacation. They hinder the traffic. While we are getting closer to Atlanta, we see some black clouds on top of the city. When we see them I immediately stop and wear the rain suits not to live a memory like we had in Budapest (2010 Balkans Trip).

And we get rain after 15 minutes, but this is much like a storm than a rain. I’m having hard time to see the road, and it is dark now. The only thing I can see is some part of the stoplights of the vehicle in front of us. We don’t even stop for a break, because the rain wouldn’t stop. Therefore, we don’t have any picture of those moments. After riding in this weather, we arrive at the hotel, and I don’t remember how. We sleep as soon as possible after taking the room… we have another long ride for tomorrow…

End of Day 11…

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