DAY 10

(31.12.2010 Friday)

We are exhausted not because of walking in these parks, but waiting in the lines for hours. Therefore, we’re having hard time to get up. I’d prefer riding for days and nights rather than visiting these parks… what are we doing here? But, always with the same thoughts, we say we came a long way and can’t leave without seeing these… today will be very crowded because of the New Year’s Eve. We are waiting for the bus, and it comes. When we get into it, we learn they don’t accept anything but cash, and the cash should be change… (this our first time that we are using bus in the USA) while we were thinking of what we can do because we don’t have cash with us, a Muslim American helps us and gives money. After we sit in the bus, we check if we have any money, and we realize we have enough… so we pay back to him…






It is so crowded in front of the Disney World; even it is very early in the morning. It is like it is free of charge. This is the last amusement park among the four, but this park also consists of four different parks; Disney World (the park that cartoon characters are in, the famous tower and the palace), Epcot (replicas of the famous cities around the world), Holywood (movie scenes and light shows) and the Animal Kingdom (the zoo). Of course it is impossible to finish all of them in one day. Hence, we eliminate the zoo from the list. And we start with the Disney World. Although these parks are huge in area, they are so crowded. And I understand this is a wrong day to come here. Generally, we escape from the crowd but this time we didn’t.





For you to imagine better, the Disney World got closed after 01:00 pm because of the excess capacity. And they didn’t accept more customers after that time. We were lucky we visited there early in the morning.




Afterwards, we go to Epcot and Hollywood and we finished the night at Epcot for the New Year’s Eve.

Yes, tomorrow is 1 January 2011, and a long way waits for us which will be a little bit cold again. We’re turning back to home. And this 950-km road will be freezing I guess as the name suggests MADRUN. Madrun is the riding day of the motorcycle riders for the first day of the year, a kind of believe that it continues like you start… so if you ride in the first day, you will be riding the all year… see you tomorrow...

End of day 10…

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