(30.12.2010 Thursday)

After having breakfast this morning, we go to the Universal Studios, the third amusement park on the list… this park has two separate sections, one of them is only for roller coasters and the other is for some shows along with the roller coasters…  the first section we’re in has 4D movie theaters, movie studios and etc. But, all these are not easy to reach. You have to wait on the lines for about an hour to watch one show or ride one roller coaster. You can’t say “ohh, this line is too much, I can skip this”, because all lines are the same. So, our mood goes down while waiting all these lines.

But, we should wait with no complain, because we are only here for one day. The worst thing is you wait for an hour and it finishes in 3 minutes… 





After we complete this first section, we go to the second one, full of roller coasters… we are here at around 10:00 pm with the thoughts that the families with the kids had already gone home. But, we get disappointed because everybody is still here. The last roller coaster that they build here is named Harry Potter. I haven’t watched it yet, but the people who watched it say they build it the same with the movie with roller coaster. It is around 11:45 and the park gets closed around 00:00, so we think we won’t be able to do that, but we wait in the line around 90 minutes and we are in. Of course it only lasts for 4 minutes, but yes it was good. The ones who watched the movie will have an idea from the pictures I guess…




After we completed this park, and checked it on our list we come back to the hotel and we sleep to get some energy for tomorrow…. Disneyworld…

End of Day 9...

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