(29.12.2010 wednesday)

We wake up early in the morning, and go to Sea World after we ate breakfast. Sea World is very close to our hotel, so we go there on foot. This is the second amusement park of the four. As the name suggests it has most of the sea creatures in, and of course the roller coasters.






I think the most famous living in Sea World is Shamu, the killer whale, who you may remember from the news that it attacked its caretaker and murdered. This sad event happened last year. Until this event, they were making a good show with him like they make with dolphins, but after this happened they canceled all those and started to make it from a certain distance.





After we watched the shows and did the wet roller coasters in Sea World, we are on the Orlando streets. There is no too much to tell other then the entertainment places in the town. There are good buildings architecture wise, but I think the most interesting one is this in the picture.


We hear some live music while hanging around and we go to the sound. And finish today with this good live music…

End of day 8…

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