(28.12.2010 Tuesday)

Our main aim is to come Florida was to escape from cold winter conditions of the north and being in a hot region. Beside this one, one of the biggest aims of us was to visit the four amusement parks of the USA located in Florida and spend the New Year’s Eve in one these parks.

The first amusement park on the list is “Bush Gardens” which we may describe as a zoo with some crazy roller coasters in it. Bush Gardens is a checkpoint for us that our friends visited last year and advised. Actually we wanted to hang around in Tampa city, but because we arrived late last night, we don’t have time left for it. Therefore, we directly go to Bush Gardens after we eat breakfast. And we should be in Orlando in the Evening.




Yeah, the most important thing that differentiates this park from a general zoo is these roller coasters, which are described as “excited trains that suddenly goes up and down” in the Turkish dictionary. The definition fits perfectly…



After we see different creatures in this park and get excited with the roller coasters, it is time to leave the park.

We on the way to Orlando… we do the shortest path of our trip which only 120 miles today… and we arrive at our hotel in Orlando. We take a walk in Orlando for dinner and to hang around the city… we are in this city until the first day of the next year, for three days…

End of day 7…

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