(26.12.2010 SUNDAY)

Although we had a good night yesterday Miami disappointed us. Yes, we knew it was a crowded city, but I think we imagined it differently and see a different city. Despite all these, we won’t leave here without more photos… 




I don’t if it is from the season; there were no skateboarders or roller-skaters around. 




While passing through the skyscrapers, we don’t want to leave the city without a photograph.

And we’re on the way to the southernmost point of the USA, Key West. If you look at to Key West from google maps, you see nothing at first, then if you zoom in you see some islands and some bridges that connect them. When we begin with the first bridge, the others come along the road. There are signs all the way that say: ”wild life, alligators” I’ve always thought that alligators live in fresh water not the salty one, and I learn it was wrong…


We pass lots of bridges, and because it is very windy it is hard to move… the wind doesn’t affect us so much, because the bridges are not so long. We relax a little bit after we finish the bridge, but another one starts very soon… and the last bridge… ohhh… this does not have an end. So before we cross it we just want to stop and look at it…


According to the data that we learn after we arrive at the hotel, we cross this bridge with the wind speed of 30 mph (45 km/h). We are like we are flying… despite the wind the scenery is very good. Our right hand side is the Gulf of Mexico, and the other side is the Atlantic Ocean. This bridge is so long that it is like it has no end. If there is no wind, it is ok but the wind is so terrible.


After crossing the bridge, we take a deep breathe at the rest area which is located right after the bridge. There are some other bridges until we arrive at Key West, but those are not this long. We have time, so we enjoy the scenery.


Let’s leave ourselves to the cool water…

If we were on the way by a car, I would be wearing my shorts and sandals… hence I would be ready to get into the water. And after drying, I would start the heater of my car and enjoy. But, now I can just look at the scenery, because I don’t want to get sick…


After some wild life signs and some bridges, we finally arrive at Key West. At the hotel, we have a problem about our reservation, but that doesn’t take so long and we take our room. Otherwise, I was ready to stay on the streets after this long way…




We find a way to share the feeling of being in the ocean, although we didn’t swim.




Key West is a nice ocean side city, and very far away from the USA’s standard city type. As I know, Americans bought Florida from Mexico at some time. It is a good thing that we visit here without a visa, but it still keeps the appearance of Mexico… and this siesta couch in this boat comfirms it a little. It seems to be a good thing when I get retired.


Because we have limited time here, we are not able to do some of the must things here. For example, taking a cruise to Bahamas, going to Cuba for 1 or 2 days, scuba-diving either to Gulf of Mexico or to Atlantic Ocean, or flying to the sky and leaving yourself to the scenery by sky-diving… and we just continue to walk at the streets with all these fantasies…





We want to have some fun with these statues on the street; but while we were taking this picture a lady sees and starts to scream… and after she understands the statue is not alive, she starts to laugh… if we want to make a camera joke, it would have been like this…






As always, we get hungry again… and we get into the line of the pizza place, which has a long line. We missed to sit on the street and eat, and the pizza and the beer is really delicious… and the rule about crowded places work here (if you are tourist in a city, and don’t know where to eat, just go to a crowded restaurant. Believe in the residents of that city).


After dinner, we want to listen to Reggae again, but we learn that it is late at 9:00pm to listen to.  Hence, we go to another place for another music. The Christmas ornaments and lights give good view to the city. There are a few days left to the New Year’s Eve, let’s see where we will be at that evening…



end of day 5...

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