(25.12.2010 saturday)

We wake up with the sunrise this morning. Temperature is below 0 Celsius again. When I go to the motorcycle, I see some crystalized ice with some ocean water on the saddle. I have difficulty to start the engine because of cold. This reminds me one week before we were on the road…

- I was going to the school to study, and it was frosty outside. I wanted to ride to school and also wanted to test the motorcycle in this cold weather. No problems while going. But when I got back to the motor, the engine didn’t start. The battery was gone because of cold. The ex owner said he hadn’t change the battery, but it was working ok. Therefore, I couldn’t take the risk to be on the way with this battery, and I immediately changed it. –

So, I take a deep breath this morning in this cold, because I changed the battery… so it starts and we are on the way again… today’s destination is Miami, and we are excited about it… we’ll see if it’s true what we see on the movies…




But before it, let’s look at the Atlantic Ocean again with the daylight…

The main destination is Miami, but according to the book “1000 places to see before you die”, we want to stop by at Daytona Beach, and St. Augustine…

We arrive Daytona first following the straight roads, no fun… it resembles the beach side in Turkey, maybe we miss it. We don’t spend much time in Daytona Beach, because we don’t have enough time. Streets are empty, stores are closed because it was Christmas eve yesterday… so, we take a short break and continue…





If we were in Turkey, the beach side would be full of bars, cafes and restaurants. But in the USA, it is hard to see this kind of places except for some specified cities.

We see the Nascar Stadium, which means the famous Daytona Stadium, while we are leaving the city. To be honest, I didn’t imagine the stadium was this big while watching on TV. It was like a football stadium on TV. We think to stop and take a picture, but it was so empty and no one around, also Emel orders to go on… I obey…

We leave the highway to fill gas and eat something, and then we see the Kennedy Space Center sign. We didn’t take it on the trip plan, although some of our friends suggested to see there; but when we see the sign saying that it is only 20 miles away from us, we take the way to there…





We reach to the center that they really sent the spacecraft to the space. This is almost an island that the center is located. According to the sayings, they have a launching simulator, and a simulator that simulates life in the space and etc. We are wondering about these activities. But again it is closed because of the holiday and will be open tomorrow. As you guess, we have to continue… 





Hence, we take some pictures and continue…

And we arrive at St. Augustine. Again the streets are empty, and stores are closed because of the holiday. Everybody says, “today is holiday come tomorrow”. Although it seems to be a bad thing for a tourist, it has some advantages as well. You don’t need to get into long lines, no parking problem, no traffic, bla bla bla… 





First we walk around the castle…





Then we walk on the streets of St. Augustine. It is a lovely beach city, and has some historical side.





Anyway, we like St. Augustine. Therefore, it supports my thesis that “water brings life to a city”. We lough at each other with the tourists like us who walk around the empty city… then we are on the way to Miami…

We have a different sensitivity to Miami… especially after the police TV shows like CSI series… but the one among us I like so much is CSI Miami… so, we think about seeing Horatio Caine in Miami…

It becomes dark when we arrive at Miami. The traffic was amazing, people are driving like crazy, it hard to find somewhere even with a gps. They are about crash into us twice…


Second disappointment when we arrive at the hotel. The location is good at the ocean side, but not itself. I don’t think the room will be different if I complain and apply to change it. We can endure for one night… and we are on the streets of South Beach.





Yesss, there is life on the streets, even it is holiday and at this time of the year. The most eminent street is Ocean’s Drive. Therefore we are here, because we have only one night here. After a short walk, we can’t endure being hungry and sit at a restaurant.


Afterwards, the music, which surrounds the whole street, invites us in. I’ve always wanted to listen reggae since we came to the USA. I thought I would find it anywhere, but you have to be very lucky to find it. Hence, we immediately go in when we hear it, and stay until the program ends.

End of Day 4…

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