(24.12.2010 Friday)


We are on the way early in the morning. Approximately 500 km, not so cold, not so hot… the first target is Savannah, Georgia… It is like Charleston, and built in early years of the new continent. It has some tourist attractions to see.


Hence we see sign that says us we are in Savannah. We cross a long bridge to reach to the city. The shortest way to travel this city seems to take a city bus tour, because we have other places to go today and we have hotel reservations.


Therefore we take tickets for bus tour, and


We jump into the bus… we get used to people that resembles us different characters with this riding suits. (for example: skiing suits, test pilots (space) and the last thing that the bus driver says parachuters… we travel the city with the guidance of our bus driver, and learn the city history… because it is a new continent the history is also fairly new, so there is no too much to tell. Basically, Forrest Gump movie parts, Treasure Island was written here and etc. After listening all these stories, we say goodbye to our bus driver and start to walk around.


Yeah, this is the guy who said parachuters to us.




After taking a short walk around the city center, we take the bus again and end our tour…





But, when passing by some other nice place, we get off the bus and walk again. People are kind and show great hospitality here with smiley faces. Then we go to the place we started and continue to Fernandino Beach, Florida by our motorcycle.





We arrive at Fernandino Beach in the evening. When we get into the room, we see the ocean from the window. But, we don’t have much time to enjoy the scenic room. We want to go to the city center, and wake up early in the morning to continue to the trip. We leave our stuff and walk to the beach first. Some pictures, some scenery… endless ocean…





After enjoying the beach and the ocean, we go to the city center. By the way, I must say that it is hard to discover some good place in the USA, you have to read somewhere and go there to find good places. So, we found a guide about the famous places in the USA named “1000 places to see before you die” I’ll make some discussions about this book later. Don’t think it is a good book…

Don’t look at the beautiful lights of the city, all shops even the restaurants are all closed. We thought it was because of the evening hours at first, but then we understand that this evening is the Christmas eve. This is an important day for Christians, but for us it is question mark if we could some place to eat.




We find a place at last. Before we start to look for a place to eat we were selecting among the restaurants, and now we just get into this restaurant, which is the only one open.

After we have dinner, we get sleepy. And because everywhere is closed we directly turn back to our hotel and sleep…

End of Day 3...

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