(23.12.2010 thursday)

Because of the winter conditions we have to wait for some warm conditions although we wake up early. We have our breakfast, no hurry, and after it got warmer (around 32 Fahrenheit, 0 Celsius). With the breaks on the way, after 450 km ride we arrive at Charleston, South Carolina, our first checkpoint. This is also the first point that we reach Atlantic Ocean.


After we take our room and leave our stuff, we start to take a trip in the town. We take a taxi to the downtown.




Charleston is one of the first cities that the immigrants built who came to the continent first. It also played an important role in the Independence War before USA was established. But, we are interested in the natural beauties more than the historical knowledge about Charleston.




Finally, we are at Atlantic Ocean. View vise, it is not different from the three seas that surrounds Turkey, but it is still an ocean that scares people. It is like a spring day, and the scenery is good. It relaxes us when we see this scenery and the sunny day after we had all that snow until here. We don’t want to think about going back…


Charleston is more like a European city that is different from a standard USA city. It may be because it is old.

While traveling around the city with the map that we took from the hotel, we get hungry when the evening comes. Then we start to look around for a good restaurant. Therefore, we ask to a citizen for a place to eat, and he offers us to guide until a good restaurant. And we accept it with a pleasure…


We start to walk together and chat. Of course he is not an Indian, and his ancestors came from some other part of the world. They were living in England and came to the USA in 1700s. He tells us about the history of Charleston, about the attractions, and himself.


For instance, this is the first theatre of Charleston and still active.


For example, these curbstones that are on the streets were brought from Europe in the old times. But it was not for pleasure; they carried them to make some load on the ship to avoid sinking, therefore the put them on the streets while building the old city.


And this is the place that we will have our dinner. It has no history to tell, just cheap and good food especially ocean food… the last minutes with our gentleman city guide. So, we say goodbye to him after he accompanies us until this restaurant…


After we order an ocean fish at the restaurant, we have to eat it without RAKI, which is a traditional drink in Turkey, and after having dinner we are outside in Charleston streets again.




The lights on the streets for Christmas make our trip more beautiful. We end up hanging around at this park, it is hard to see people outside at this time of the day. The entertainment places are empty… So, we take a taxi again to the hotel back and sleep for tomorrow.

End of Day 2…

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