(22.12.2010 Wednesday)

After we wake up, we open the hot packs and wait for them to heat while taking on our riding suits. When they are ready to warm us, we paste them to all possible sections of our body (toes, belly, hand…) and we are on our way…


We begin by taking the highway to the south without enjoying the straight road. We are having difficulty to keep up with the road because of the cold that is around 25 Fahrenheit (-4 Celsius). Especially our hands and feet are freezing. So, we start to think “what are we doing in the middle of winter on a motorcycle”… but we motivate ourselves, it will be ok if we can go 300 miles (485 km) to the south. And we stop by somewhere to have some coffee when we are about to get into the hypothermia. Hence, we get warm after we pass Lexington… 




I heard that the roads around Knoxville are very twisty. Especially Dragon Tail, which has 318 curves in 11 miles, is here in this region (and we will write a separate report about this, of course we made it). So, we make a left by leaving the highway to the west from Lexington.


While going through the beautiful streets decorated with lights for Christmas, we are very close to the twisty roads that we miss so much. Afterwards, we see a viewpoint on our right and because this is the first one, we stop by to take some pictures although it is still cold.




I said the Dragon Tail was around here, but sadly we won’t do it here in this trip. Because of the winter conditions I read from their website that it is closed at this time of the year. On the other hand, other roads around it are as good as it is as I test. But, we still have to go further for them.


While we are going with the smiley faces of being on the first day of our first motorcycle trip in the USA, and peacefulness of leaving the cold behind, and the freedom of being on a motorcycle; we have to pull over because I see police lights on our back. Hence we start to wait for him to come with a nervous mood. He says we broke the speed limit by 80, which is 55 mph. We explain the situation to him and he forgives us, which is a separate story that I can tell face to face. And we are on the way again. We have about an hour to our hotel and we find the mountain roads with the help of the sheriff. Therefore, the American police takes the third place after the police in Germany and Romaine that forgave us on our motorcycle trips.

After enjoying the twisty roads that are hard to find around Dayton, we stop at a coffee shop although we have 20 miles to our hotel in Ashville. We directly go to the hotel after we have our coffee, because it is to cold and dark around to take a city tour. And we are so tired… so we finish the first day of our trip that we get closer to the warmer places…

End of Day 1...

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