DAY 18

(26.09.2011 MONDAY)

We wake up in a little bit sad mood this morning. We are about to finish the attraction that we planned to visit on our route today. After we see the Lake Tahoe, we should be on the road to home. So, we are not in a hurry to get up. We have to wash our clothes in a laundry eventhough we are going home. There is a laundry a few feet from the hotel. We go there, but it is closed... so we turn back to our hotel for it to be open...


After taking our breakfast from our hotel, we go to the lakeside and sit on a bank and eat them by viewing the beautiful scenery... 

then the laundry opens and we go there, put our clothes in a machine, and we start to wait again on the lakeside for them to finish...


After our clothes are finished and dried, we turn our throttle on again and take a tour around the lake... It is a very big lake. It is on 26th place in the world in size. And the depth is 501 meters which makes it the second one in the north america... so you'll immediately ask the first one I guess... ok, you may remember it from our Northwest USA trip if your read, the "Crater Lake", with a depth of 593 meters...


We wanted to turn all the way around the Lake Tahoe, but it is exactly 72 miles which makes 116 kms, and we give up the idea. Because, most of the road is similar... but we do the half of it anyway...


and then we'd like to ask to the gps to learn how long we have to go to arrive home from here... and it says "go directly for 2228 miles..." but don't worry, we'll find something to deal with on this road...


and on the I-80, we go to the east to home... going... going.... and going... after 560 miles we arrive at Salt Lake City and find and hotel to sleep...

and just when we were about to sleep... 

I say to myself that we are going to make the rest of the road in any case... the last 1600 miles... and this is the same road that we did before on our Northwest USA Trip... and this brings the idea of doing the Iron Butt Ride and makes me get up immediately...

I take a look to the papers that we took from the man, who told us that he completed the Iron Butt, as I told you on the first day of this trip... I fill the necessary sections and go to the reception of the hotel for photocopy... 

You need to fill to forms before you start an Iron Butt Ride... you need to find a witness at your starting point and at your end point... then you need them to sign the witness forms... Therefore, I ask to the receptionist to be my witness for this ride. After she says OK, I fill the blanks except for her signature... there is one more thing that I need to fill with the forms, which is the motorcycle's gas tank... I immediately find one and fill it, then I go to sleep around     01:00 am. Our target for tomorrow is to finish 1000 miles in 24 hours. By a rough estimation, if we go 50 miles per hour as an average, we should finish it in 20 hours. So, I need to wake Emel up at around 04:00 am and we should be on the road by 04:30 am... and we'll see if we can do it...

end of the 18th day...

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