DAY 17

(25.09.2011 SUNDAY)

I forgot to tell you while talking about yesterday when we were in San Fransisco... we came up with a photograph exhibition while we were walking in Pier 39 in San Fransisco. I couldn't remember the name of the artist now, but he uses a big analog photography machine and takes big photographs. The result is just perfect, he lives in the nature and travels a lot to take this photographs. And I'm very happy he does this, he is very succesful with that old machine. 

The one that we liked the most was a photograph of a lighthouse on the ocean side. On the photograph, the lighthouse was located at the bottom of a hill, and the top of the lighthouse was surrounded by white clouds. We looked at the pictures name and the location.. When we look today to our map, we see that the lighthouse is very close to our route... So, we are going to visit there today. The first destination is Reyes Light House today...


When we see the clouds on the road to Reyes Lighthouse, we get excited about taking a similar picture. We eat our breakfast in a town on the road to the lighthouse, named Point Reyes. There are some diaries on the road like 3 or 4. They say that they've been serving since 1860. It is strange to think to come here at those years.


we finally arrive at the lighthouse. You can go by motorcycle for a limited road, then you have to park and walk to the lighthouse...


We are not too lazy to walk, but it may be hard to walk with motorcycle clothes on. But, it is more comfortable than traveling by a car. 


Well, I said we are not lazy to walk.... forget it!

it was before I see this stairs...


Nobody can make me walk after I read this warning... 

Ok, of course I'm just kidding, but we leave to walk down to the lighthouse to another trip here. Because, we have a limited time, and it is a real trouble to walk down there by the motorcycle clothes and plus the rainsuits on.


but, this is really a neat place. We could take a picture similar to the photographer I told before, if we were lucky. 

Of course, it is not that easy. The photographer I told about puts his machine at the back of his truck and travel around the world with his son to catch those photographs... 




We go to the motorcycle after we visit Point Reyes National Seashore...


We take a short break again in Point Reyes town on the way back. We meet J.B. and his lovely wife here. They shocked when they learn that we are coming from Ohio after they ask to us where we were coming. J.B.'s wife tells us that she'd never walked away from her house more than 60 miles ever. And after they learn that we are from Turkey, and they get more shocked.

They are really warm people. They ask about our route and they say that they live on a city on our way. J.B. is a motorcyclist as well, and he invites us to stay at their house very kindly. After we say that we have limited time, they say we have always a place to stay in California and leave us. He shows us an alternative route to go to Napa Valley, which is our next destination...

We take their word and follow the route he suggested to Napa Valley. We pass through a Redwood Forest. We take a lunch break at the town, named Guerneville, on the road. This town is on the riverside, and there is a concert on the river when we arrive. People take their canoes and listen to the music on the river... very nice...

We come to Calistoga which is on the north side of Napa Valley after the concert. This is another neat town which we can stay, but we are on the way back home right now, and decide to directly to Napa Valley.


There are lots of wineries in Napa Valley, settled one by one along a road. All of them produces their own wine and sell them here. There are also lots of honey bees around. I think it is very clean and there are no chemicals around.


The most important winery in Napa Valley for us is Freemark Abbey. The harvesting problem of this winery had been a real problem for us in a project which we dealt with last quarter at school. Ohhh, it was very tiresome at that time. We see all the kinds that we dealth with in the project when we enter the winery. But, the Reisling, which was the most problematic one among others, tastes really really good.

The problem was about for Freemark Abbey to harvest the raisins now or later...

I think the answer should be NOW...


The servant laughs when we talk about our project to her. I think there are some other students who did the same porject came here before. So, they know about our project, and she says they used the results. The wine is goo here, but I prefer Raki, a Turkish drink...


There are lots of wineries in this valley as I said earlier. If you want to visit each of them you need at least 5 days here. One of them is enough for us... and we are on the road again. The next target is Lake Tahoe. The last Check Point on our route to visit. If you read about the Northwest USA trip, you would remember I-80... we take this road after Napa Valley and we arrive at Tahoe City which is located next to Lake Tahoe at night. We immediately become parallel to the ground after a 350-mile road today...

end of the 17th day.

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