DAY 15

(23.09.2011 FRIDAY)


After we wake up, we complete our preparations for the road and hit the road again...


Out target is to visit the Kings Canyon National Park at first. They are very close to each other with Sequoia National Park, but they are seperate park. We go there by passing through a very nice valley with a very good scenery...


and arrive at Kings Canyon National Park... It is among the mountains,very beautiful and quite national park. You need to walk for more beauties, hence we go till the last point that the motorcycle can go, and come back to the national park lodging again. We eat our breakfast under the music made by the river and the birds in front of the lodging.


We can say that this national park is very quite compared to the others. It is the best place to rest. 

After we visit here, we get on our motorcycle again and check here on our map as visited. And the compass shows the Sequoia National Park now...


We stop a few times on the road back to Sequoia National Park... and we take the road to Lake Home to go to Sequoia National Park.




The beatiful scenery makes us stop for a coffee and photograph break when we arrive at Lake Home. I think you can get old if you live here.


and we are now officially in Sequoia National Park...


Sequoia National Park as the name suggests includes the giant sequoia trees. The biggest among all these giant sequoia trees is called General Sherman tree.


We can define this tree by words, but these figures would explain it better I guess...


This place was discovered by a lieutenant after the civil war in the USA. And he named this tree with his commander's name when he was fighting in the war. After he named this tree in 1879, this tree is defined to be the biggest tree in the world.


well, while saying the biggest, there may be different definitions for the word "big". Volume, weight, width, height and the age. It's been calculated that the General Sherman is in between its 2300s and 2700s. A 2700-year old tree... older my grandmother :) 

Another interesting information about sequoia forest is: they sometimes start fires in the forest... DON'T PANIC! they do it on purpose, they kill other maleficent plants around. Therefore the sequoia trees could grow up more efficiently and can breed. Of course, don't try it in other forests, it is just special for sequoia trees... J !


You need to walk a lot for General Sherman on the trails to reach it. We get very tired because of walking that trails with the motorcycle clothes. But there is nothing to do, if you choose to travel by motorcycle you have to do it. Afterwards, we leave the giant sequoia forest and heading to the ocean... we are like in the movie, Lord of the Rings, as we are passing throught the forest.

We lose some time when we come up with a road construction on our way. We realize how high the forest was while we are climbing down the hills with hair pin turns... and the temperature goes high so rapidly when we become far away from the shadows made by the giant sequoia trees. We go down to a little valley with the view of orange, pomegranate, lemon and artichoke gardens... and after a desert pass...


The temperature goes low again and our black cloud is at the top of us again...


Later on we come up with the ocean at the end of the valley... and we arrive at a city, named Morro Bay. It is a very neat city, but we see a lot similar to this city on this trip. Hence, we skip to stay here and continue... we take the road with the ocean view and start to go up to the north.


After a short break on the road, we get into the first hotel we see on the right side of the road in San Simeon. 

edmar alino

There is a guy at the parking lot of the hotel, and he is asking us some questions about the city. We talk a little bit at the parking lot and we go to our hotel room.

cape verde

Later we leave our stuff to the room, we go out for a dinner, and we see him at the restaurant. And we eat the dinner together with him. He's from Cape Verde Islands, which is located in the North Atlantic Ocean. But, he lives in Brazil and he is in the USA for business right now... he is traveling like us around California while he is here. He is a very kind person and a good traveler. After this talk with Edmar, we go to bed after 320-mile ride today. And we'll be back on the roads tomorrow.

end of the 15th day...

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