DAY 14

(22.09.2011 THURSDAY)

I think we'd be better of I can inflate our tires before we leave Groveland. Therefore I start searching for a gas station as soon as I get up. But, there is only one gas station in the town and there is no such tool in the station.

The USA is the center of technology for most of the subjects, but there are some other things are still living in the stone age! One of these things is the tire inflation tools in the gas stations. First thing is, they work with money, and the second thing is they don't work even you pay the money... Therefore, we bought a bicycle air pump and was using it for our trips... until today it got broken...

Anyway, I ask to most of the places in the town, but there is noone that helps me. And then I see the fire station is open and ask there... They help me luckily and we solve the problem... otherwise we would be in trouble...


Of course we are late for the Yosemite National Park while dealing with these... after traveling very deserty areas, we got relieved when we see the green. This park is very crowded, I think it is because it is the most famous one in the west. Most of them have their tents with them and stay in  the park. It is like a town made of tents.


It would be weird if it is not crowded when you learn that this park takes 3.5 million visitors per year. I think the popularity comes from the reason that this is the first national park in the USA and stimulates the idea...


Some information:

Don't look at the pictures and say wooowww how beautiful and green it is! Of course the first men who came here made some destruction to the nature as we do anywhere else... but the important thing here is the americans realized it before this place becomes desert and stop destructing... While people were cutting every tree in this park, Galen Clark and others started a movement to stop them and wrote a letter to Abraham Lincoln, who was the president of the USA at that time, to protect Yosemite. Then, Abraham Lincoln had signed the Yosemite Agreement in 1864 and accepted it. Afterwards, John Muir wanted to extend this agreement by adding the mountains and the forests around Yosemite, and this movement stimulated the National Park System to be established in the USA.

End of the information.


So, after this information, we park the motorcycle to the entrance and get on the shuttle to hang around the park. Then, we get off the bus to walk on one of the trails. As we said before for most of the national parks in the USA, you need 2-3 days to complete Yosemite National Park as well... but we don't have that much time, and again we pick up one trail and walk there.




and the trails we pick up in the national parks are generally the most beautiful ones as this is. This trail called the mirror lake trail. After completing our walk here, we come back to the market and buy some souvenirs for ourselves...


Afterwards, we get on our motorcycle again and visit other sides of the park...


el capitan

Yosemite national park is also famous for among rock climbers. This place's name is El Capitan. The climbers are climbing to the natural flat wall here. They say that it takes 2-3 days to climb this mountain and they sleep on the beds shown in the picture below at nights during climbing.

This picture is taken from internet, don't think that I did it...


and then we start to go up and the altitude is increasing. Here is the viewpoint of Yosemite National Park from the top. 


After we completed the Yosemite National Park, our next target is to see the big Sequoia Trees... this region is also taken to be the part of the Yosemite National Park. As I said before when they extend the agreement of Yosemite, they included all trees, forests, stones, etc. to the park... We learn that we have to walk a lot to the giant sequoia trees to see them when we arrive at the area. While we were just thinkin about our next destination, which is Sequoia National Park, we meet with Serkan, a Turkish guy...

He lives in Istanbul, and came here to his friends for holiday. They rented a motorcycle here and they are traveling California. He will be back in Turkey in a few days. After having some chat with him and his friends, we leave the area and hit the road again.

The temperature goes higer and the climate is changing as the altitude decreases... the color goes from green to yellow and orange. We eat some meal at a town, named Fresno, and put some energy before we go into Sequoia National Park.


The evening comes and we have a probability to sleep outside if we can't find a place to stay tonight. But we take it and decide to continue. Our thought is to complete the north side of the park in 2 hours before the night comes. I think the best time for us to travel is May of June at most. The days are long and the time is not a problem that much. But, now we live the disadvantage of traveling in september. Time is a real constraint on this trip.

And we are in the Sequoia National Park...


We'd like to visit the biggest sequoia tree among all the giant sequoias when we get into the park. But, the night comes before us. We could only walk about a mile to the giant tree but we have to come back. So, these sequoia trees in the picture above are the small ones among them. Think about the others.


We take the last picture with the subject of "How big is a Sequoia tree is!", and we leave the national park with the hope to find a hotel around... I'm happy to see the trees before we search for a hotel, if we cannot find a place to stay I know where to sleep.

We ask to the hotel about an empty room, and we find one with the price under our estimations... so we are very lucky today. There is no wc ot bathroom of the room and it is kept as it is built years ago. In addition to the room, you have place to light fire, have a good time with your friends, and good furniture to sit...

After we leave our stuff to our room, we go to the restaurant of the lodging. We go to sleep after 220-mile ride today, and wish to get up early in the morning.

end of the 14th day...


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