DAY 13

(21.09.2011 WEDNESDAY)

Today, we need to wake up very early. But we can only wake up at 07:30 which is late for today's route. Our first destination will be Death Valley National Park. 

And as one of our classical events, we are caught by the police again... he is really serious as always, but he forgives us again. So, we missed the ticket for the forth time in the USA...


The temperature is 110 degrees of fahrenheit when we arrive at Death Valley National Park. So, this gives an idea about the name of the national park.


We can summarize this national park with three words. This place is the lowest, hottest and the driest place of the USA. The region in this valley called Badwater Basin is the lowest location of all north america continent with a 283 feet (86 meters) depth.  


The temperature is so high that avoids us to think about going to Badwater Basin. But, we catch the 200 feet depth when we go along the national park. By the way, we should talk about the Whitney Mountain, which is the highest zenith in the USA, with the height of 14505 feet, is just 86 miles (136 kms) away from the Badwater Basin. So, this is an other interesting point about the Death Valley National Park...


In addition to the information above, this place, called Furnace Creek, is recorded as the hottest region in the world according to the records in 1913 with the temperature of 136 degrees of fahrenheit...

just before we evaporate here, we get into a restaurant to cool down... There is only one place here to do that. We learn the information I told above in this restaurant, and also we learn where the name of the national park comes from... as you can not guess easily the name comes from the number of the people that dies here every year.


After we pass through the Death Valley National Park, our new destination is another national park... Yosemite National Park...


Actually when we think that the evening hours coming and the sunset, I think we'd better not to get into the park today... Emel does not agree and want to continue... Therefore we skip all the hotels before the park and continue. We get into the park, but the dark starts to come and Emel starts to say "let's go" now... Hence, we turn back before we arrive at the center of the Yosemite National Park and we start to search for a place to stay tonight.


But, we see that we don't have that much choice at this side of the national park. We ask to a hotel, and they say 149 dollars for a night here... then they say there is no other place to stay around here, and we decide to search...


Finally, we arrive at a town, named Groveland, after 35 miles and we see a hotel at the entrance of the town. This is a very small town, and we don't actually have that much choice. They say at the hotel that all the rooms are full, but they can give a tent to us... our only aim is to sleep now, and we take the offer... and this costs us for only 44 dollars. There is everything we need to sleep here. We leave our stuff into the tent and take a walk in the town. And we come up with a bar, named Iron Door...


This is the oldest bar in California. So, this is a very famous place. It's been in service since 1852. We drink a little bit to have the effect of sleeping pills to take a comfortable nap in our tent, and then turn back to our tent. This is the most comfortable bed ever in this trip... we rest after a 460-mile ride today... 



end of the 13th day...


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