DAY 20

(28.09.2011 WEDNESDAY)

I ask to Emel about doing the "Bun Burner", which means 1500 miles in 36 hours, again... but no chance, she wakes up at 09:00 am... and we don't even have 10 hours to make the addtional 500 miles for Bun Burner. We eat the breakfast and head the road at around 10:00 am...

Emel insists on not to complete 1500 miles... but I follow the way as I do the Bun Burner... I'm tryin to continue by minimum stops and losing minimum time. Emel wants to eat when we come to East Peoria. And she insists on eating at a Texas Road House, and don't want anywhere else... so, we search for a Texas Road House in Peoria and turning and turning to find... then we find it and see it is closed (by luck). Emel doesn't like the situation, but I like it. Because, if we ate there, we could forget the Bun Burner. But, now there is a chance. After we eat somewhere else, we are on the road again. Emel still does not want to finish, but nothing can stop me now...


and everything is ok when we arrive at Indianapolis... We finished 1500 miles in 36 hours. I immediately find a gas station and find a witness here for us that we completed Bun Burner...


And I take Emel to the Texas Road House in Indianapolis...


while we are eating here, I look at my watch and see we still have time... I ask to the the waitress to be an additional eye witness to us, and she kindly accepts...


and we hit two birds with one stone today...

big iron   bb1500-rider-patch


Now, I think you're going to ask of this certificate is so important? I'd say no... I would never try it if I didn't have the forms with me. But, we would do this road in any case, and we did it before, and there was nothing to see... we made it. Actually, we want to finish our motorcycle trips in the USA by completing the Ironbutt, Saddlesore and Bunburner.... Well, it is not necesarry, but it is good to have...


We finished bunburner, but we still way to arrive at home. Cerificates are ok, but we have home that we need to go. We add another 116 miles to our road and we are home finally... we complete our trip after 7400 miles and with good memories...


I take the photograph that I forgot to take yesterday... Thank you for joining us... 

the end

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