DAY 19

(27.09.2011 TUESDAY)


Yessss, I wake up this morning for performing an Iron Butt ride... Actually I can't say I slept a lot. I wake up at 04:00 am and make Emel wake up too. The most difficult part of Iron Butt is to wake Emel up :) 

And don't look at the time on the motorcycle...

Some information break:



There are 4 time zones in the USA. If we count them as seen in the picture from west to east "Pacific, Mountain, Center and Eastern". You adjust your watch one hour earlier when you travel from east to west at every time zone. And of course you do the opposite when you go to east from west. So, the time on my motorcycle shows the eastern time which was adjusted to Ohio. But, we are in mountain time zone right now, which means the actual time is 03:55 am. Yes, this also means we change 3 time zones both at this trip and on the north west trip that we made before...

end of the information break...


Let Emel get prepared for the road, and I can deal with the paperwork that we have to do with our witness at the hotel. We are ready as soon as she signs the papers... of course paper work, preparation of Emel and etc. takes time and we are on the way at around 05:00 am. 

We are on the road, but we have to stop only after 30 miles... Why? COLD... Altitude becomes higher when we left Salt Lake City and both from the height and because it is early in the morning the temperature says 32 degrees fahrenheit which means 0 degrees of celcius and sometimes lower. And we don't have proper clothes for cold. Therefore, we stop and wear proper clothes not to freeze...

Afterwards we stop in Evanston, Wyoming after 90 miles. We have everything we need and don't need to stop actually, but we have to keep the gas station receipts to prove our Iron Butt Ride, so we do that. Therefore, we continue to our Iron Butt ride by stopping twice in the first 90 miles...


We continue filling our gas tank all day long... and of course we fill our stomachs sometimes as we fill the motorcycle's... 


The evening comes, but we go on the road... the most important activity is to buy gas...


And we finish our road for today by taking Rawlins-Wyoming, Sidney-Nebraska, Gothenburg-Nebraska, York-Nebraska and West Des Moines-Iowa at the end when the time shows 00:08 am after a 20-hour ride....


We finish our 1066-mile Iron Butt Ride and our trip for today. We ask first to the guy at the gas station to be our witness, but he doesn't want to be...


So, we ask to the receptionist of the hotel that we're staying tonight. And he accepts by pleasure... and the paperwork is ok now. 

Finally, we deserve to take the SaddleSore certificate, which is like the base certificates of Iron Butt Association by completing 1066 miles in 24 hours. 


big iron saddlesore

The certificate after this if you want to progress in Iron Butt Association is Bun Burner, in which you have to complete 1500 miles in 36 hours. I didn't translate the terms Bun Burner and SaddleSore here for my Turkish readers, and let them translate these terms by themselves...

The thing I'd like to do is to complete the Bun Burner as well, before I go to sleep. Because we have a 600-mile trip for tomorrow which gives us the oppurtunity. But, Emel does not accept to do that. Let's see what happens tomorrow...

end of the 19th day...

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