DAY 10-11-12

(18-19-20.09.2011 SUNDAY-MONDAY-TUESDAY)

Yes, as I promised to you yesterday, our target location today is LAS VEGAS... We ride back the same road that we did the previous day. But, this time it is daytime and we can see the area. Do you wonder what you can see around the road?

Desert, dry soil and hot weather... the temperature is 107 degrees of fahrenheit noe. But, we saw worst temperature. So, this is not important... The road to Las Vegas was to crowded in the previous day, and it is the same today. Under hard conditions, hot weather and heavy traffic we arrive at Las Vegas, and then to our hotel...


Our hotel is very close to the main street of Las Vegas, named as Strip. All the action is on this street in Las Vegas. Our hotel is close to the strip, but it is far from the annoying things on the strip. And it is like a summer house, we like the hotel.

We can say the hotel prices are cheap in Las Vegas. I think they earn the money from gambling and some other things and want to attract more people by reducing the hotel prices. So, the money is not a problem to visit here, but you should make the reservation in advance to find a place. That's what we did before coming here. But, they take some more money under service fee when you check in to the hotel which they don't say while making the reservation. We make objection at first to this fee, but we learn that all hotels do the same thing, and we give up. We don't want to lose time with it. Then we take our room and put our stuff in. And we go outside to hang around.


Las Vegas is not so attractive for people like us, who likes to travel in green areas. Because it is right in the middle of the desert. It is like a giant lunapark in the middle of the desert. All the concept hotels are on the strip, and if you want to look each of them, you need 3-4 days I guess.


Hence, we're just here for classical issues. We don't want to say we didn't go to Las Vegas. In addition, we want to get some rest for 3 days, before the 6 national parks that we're going to visit after here. But, the most important thing among the others, we have another check point to finish given by Merrill to us. He really insisted on seeing this. This activity is 3 days later, and he said "don't come without seeing it!" We are scared not to see it, otherwise Merrill can get angry with us!

(just kidding he's not a man like that, he may just feel sorry)


The activity that Merrill wants us to see is "cirque du soleil". We may define it as modern cirque. The concept is like a cirque, but there are no elephants on the ball, or no jumping lions from a frame on fire and etc. It is more like using the technology and targeting a tema. Anyway, we've already bought the tickets online, and now we have to take the paper tickets from the MGM hotel, which you may remember with the lion roaring before the movies start.


This people puts the lions on the movies, and won't they put them inside the hotel? 

But, this feels bad. Because they don't seem to be happy in their cage. 


We took a tour inside some of the hotels while going to MGM to take our tickets. And the dark came until we finish hanging around and go outside again. The hotels are really crowded, gambling places are very full. The hotels are unbelievably luxury. Mandalay Bay, Luxor, NY NY, Cosmopolitan are the ones that comes to my mind immediately. We can't finish all of them in one day. But, we'll be here for another 2 days... 

After taking our tickets, we go to a restaurant that sells chicken and want to eat there for dinner. I don't want to give the name here. But, it smells bad inside the restaurant. I say to leave, but Emel wants to eat.


We are on the street again. The night comes and I would say the life is just starting... but in Las Vegas life never ends.

You may see people on the gambling halls at every period of the day... but, we don't want to play. We are here to see how Las Vegas is, and I don't like gambling. You always lose... 

Therefore, we go sleeping after watching the fountain show in Hotel Bellagio...


To be honest, the fountain show is the most attractive thing we see in Las Vegas so far. Anyway, we go to our hotel but our stomachs don't want to sleep. We may be poisoned because of the chicken wings restaurant. And we are not relieved until we empty our stomachs. This is the second time we are poisoned at this restaurant that sells chicken wings. No more chicken wings at this restaurant until we leave the USA.

So, we finish the 10th day here, and slightly move to the 11th day. 


In the morning of the 11th day, there is no need to go to the hotels area and start walking around. We have a more important task to finish before it. It is easy to say that we made a lot of miles until here. Hence, we have to fulfill some requirements of our tired horse.. it is time to change the oil filter and the oil...


We approach to a shop where we can find car equipments and stuff easily... We first buy some oil and then buy a pot to put the waste oil... they take the waste oil here, so we do the work here...


Merrill taught me how to change oil as well. I'm happy he taught me this, otherwise we would be in trouble with oil changing in the long trips in the USA. 

By the way, this place that we're changing oil is very far away from the touristic attractions of Las Vegas. So, the Las Vegas that they show on tvs is really different from here. I can say it seems bad, but I don't want to continue to tell...




After we change our oil and turn back the waste oil to the shop, we go back to our hotel and rest a little bit. Afterwards, we are on the streets again...




and the darkness comes again... we meet with our friends from Ohio (we are here at the same time by chance) and watch sinking ship show at Treasure Island Hotel, as well as the volcano show at Mirage Hotel together with them.


and we take a picture together with the captain of the sinking ship...




Today, our last visit is to Hotel Venice, and we go back to our hotel to sleep....

then we finish the 11th day here and slightly move to the 12th day...

Our feet are inflated from walking like they were on the Key West trip.... the shoes don't fit... just kidding. 

OK, we finished the hotels area in the last two days, so we don't have anything to do except the show that we're going to watch in the evening. Hence, we rest at the hotel until noon, and we meet our friends again afternoon. We visit some more hotels, and shop a little bit on the strip.

And we are ready to go to the cirque du soleil KA show finally...  we can say that cirque du soleil is a general name for these shows. KA is just one of them. There are plenty of other shows that you can go. But, the most beautiful one is KA according to Merrill. He says it worths every penny you pay. 

Anyway, we go to show. I can say it is a really good show. And don't want to talk about it too much just not to affect you about it.

After the show, we go back to our hotel and we rest for tomorrow's ride...

end of the 12th day...


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