(17.09.2011 SATURDAY)

It is really difficult to get up after the long ride that we did yesterday, but we have to... and we are on the streets of San Diego after we have our breakfast. We have some checkpoints here that Merrill suggested us to visit. We'd like to visit the places by bus here, but the receptionist tells us to go them by motorcycle because it will be easier. He tells the points are far away from each other... and we listen to the experience.


Our first stop that Merrill suggested us to come is La Jolla Beach. That means we reached to the ocean. We couldn't even touch our feet to the ocean while we were doing our Southernmost, Keywest, Florida Trip. Because it was january and the weather was not good to swim. Now we are in september, which seems to be a good month to swim in the ocean, but now we are on the wrong side of the USA. Pacific ocean is famous for its cold, it freezes the men who wants to swim here. Also the weather is cold too...


and anyone from anywhere may show up... we should be careful.


There are lots of strange people around. This guy is coming like the Little Red Riding Hood by moving up and down. He is looking around while jumping up, and wants some interest. Therefore, we take a picture with him for making him happy...


I told a lot about the cold here... the ocean, the weather and etc. but, if I'd come here, I should taste the ocean... and this my body's first time in the ocean... and now it is freezing..

I think I found the secret behing the american's beauty. This ocean water heals people I guess. I'm not kidding! I stayed in the ocean for 5 minutes, but I feel refreshed and nice even e few days later.


Anyway, after spending a few hours at La Jolla Beach, we move to our second destination, Hotel Del Coronado... This   hotel is made of wood and it is still serving since 1888. I think I remember the view of the hotel from the movies.


Both the location of the hotel and the city that the hotel is in seems to be really really good to us. 


The hotel is really famous in the USA. Most of the buses are full of chinese people. You have to pay 400 dollars per night if you want to stay here. I wouldn't stay because it is really crowded. It is really crowded, and under these conditions I think I can't take the real energy that the hotel has. Merrill stayed here before... he says all of the rooms have a jakuzi with the oceanview... well the luxury should mean this...


After completing the tour in the hotel, we go to the beach... the weather is so nice, and the ocean seems really beautiful..


Some of the people swims in the ocean, and some of them are getting married... it is a really nice view to see people having their one of the most important events on the beach...

yesss... we've walked a lot and lost lot of energy, hence we need to eat now. We go to a small restaurant and find something to eat...


I think the airplane would land to the road...


Now, we've just completed the second checkpoint in San Diego. And we come to the third one, the old town... the very first settlement to this city had been here when the Spanish people came to the USA. This is a very neat place.


We park our motorcycle, and start to walk... the old town is very similar to the other towns we visited before, but it is more mexican and mercantile...


There is live music at some places, we have a lot of fun here. But if you don't know spanish it becomes boring after a while.


We take a sit at a restaurant to taste the mexican food in San Diego, which is one of the closest places to Mexica inn the USA after we finished our walk in the town. We understand here that the real mexican food is this. We went to mexican restaurants before, but I think they were just commercial ones. And the taste was not good at any of them. In Mexica, it should be more tasty, but now this the best one. It is like eating Doner Kebap outside Turkey and thinking it is good. The tortilla, enchilada etc. are really good here, and of course the margaritha is really nice.

After the meal, we finished the old town and now we are ready to go to our fourth and the last destination in San Diego, the fifth street. It is the night life center of San Diego. When we come here, we see that there is life here. Of course today is saturday and it has some effect on the crowd, but it is nice. We take a walk on the street from up to down and down to up, then drink some stuff and we need to go to our hotel to rest. Because we have a long way for tomorrow... 

tomorrow we have Las Vegas as our target...

end of the 9th day...

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