(16.09.2011 FRIDAY)

Well, if we were working now, I would say TGIF... but we are on a vacation right now, and I only realize while writing that today is friday... Although we are on a vacation, this does not change that we get up early in the morning... actually our holiday concept is more like this. We generally get tired rather than relaxing and resting on our vacations... 

Therefore, this morning is similar to other days of the trip... we are on the way to Grand Canyon from Kanab. We have 80 miles to the North Rim and the weather is extremely cold.


The cloud, that you see in the picture above, seems to be fog... but it is a real cloud. And there is hoarfrost on the sides of the roads on the green. The temperature is 32 degrees of fahrenheit which means 0 degrees of celcius. And we feel way below it while going by the motorcycle. This is a real desert weather condition. 



We arrive at the entrance of the Grand Canyon after 80 miles. The temperature becomes warmer after the sun rises. And we take a deep breath...


and we come to the visitor center of the North Rim of Grand Canyon National Park. After we park the motorcycle and leave our stuff on it, we go to the national park lodging first. The location of the lodging is really good, just next to the canyon. But, unfortunately there is no empty room. The price is 165 dollars per room if you come here, and if you find an empty room I suggest you to stay. I'm sure it worths.




We take a short walk after we left the lodging on the walking trails. Most of tourists chooses to visit the south part of the Grand Canyon. It is more touristic. Especially, the people who comes to Las Vegas takes a one day tour to the south rim. But, we are here according to Merrill's advice as usual. It is more touristic and more crowded on the south rim as you can guess, and traveling with the crowd does not fit us. I can say that there are more walking trails and viewpoints on the south rim, but you need more time to complete all of them. If you have less time, and you want just to taste the Grand Canyon National Park's great view, you may choose to visit here instead of south.




After you taste the great view of the National park, you can also taste the great meals of the lodging. We'll do it for you now... we have our breakfast here. The prices for the breakfast is not expensive for this kind of a place, and the taste is ok. After we have our breakfast here, we go to the other checkpoints here to visit, Cape Royal and Angel's Window... we have to ride there because there is some distance...





After a short walk and some photographs here, we have to be on the road again because we can not stay here tonight... there is going to be a very long ride tonight, because we decide to go to San Diego...


and the weather becomes worse again...


we have to take the same way we came to Grand Canyon National Park while going to San Diego...

It is going to be a very long ride as I said before, but we have to endure it. Because we are going to do this in any case, tonight or tomorrow morning... We have to pass through Las Vegas too while going to San Diego, we won't stay here now. But we'll be back... 

The temperature changes so rapidly. It was 32 fahrenheit in the morning in the Grand Canyon National Park, but now it is 93 fahrenheit in Las Vegas. And the there is a traffic jam in Las Vegas welcoming us... We can move step by step... foot by foot... it gets dark after we pass here and the cold comes back.. it is desert and this is normal... we got used to it... 

We feel more tired while approaching to San Diego. We find a good hotel when arrive at San Diego. We are tired  but I can say it worths. We directly go sleeping because it is 01:00 am. After a 710-mile ride we are on the third corner of the USA, San Diego...

end of the 8th day...

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