(15.09.2011 THURSDAY)

We don't even have our breakfast, and we are on the road really early today. We directly go to Zion National Park for 20 miles, which we had to come yesterday evening. We park the GS adventure to the parking lot, because it is not allowed to enter the park by car or motorcycle. We tie up our clothes and helmets to the GS, and start to wait at the bus stop. Because, we don't have some trekking shoes with us, we have to walk all around the park on our motorcycle boots. 


We get on the shuttle of the park and we are finally in... there are lots of walking tracks inside the park like in the other parks. Actually, you need to spend 2-3 days in this park to see everything inside, but unfortunately we don't have that much time.. to do that you have to get retired as soon as possible I guess... as most of the guys we see in these national parks... I admire them a lot...

Well, just we were talking about tracks in the park... I can say the most famous among them is called "Angel's Landing". We saw a poster in Merrill's kitchen while we were planning this trip, and he told about this park and this track. It did not seem to be real at that time, but we see now it is... details coming...


We get off the shuttle at "Angel's Landing" stop and start to walk. Well, I was kidding when I was saying about the details, there is no detail. We'll just going to walk to the spot that Emel is showing with her finger... just a little walk... ha!!!


The track is warning you actually before you start walking... people are moving like an ant colony in their home here... 


and we start climbing up... climbing up becomes more difficult under this hot weather on these motorcycle boots... they are very comfortable but they are not desingned for climbing. 


This is not a normal walk on the normal tracks. This is really different. And I don't think that you can understand until you see it. The scenery is unbelievable... and we are very close to the top...




And the walking becomes harder when you get closer to the top. You can not move more without using the rings located inside the mountain... the downside of the cliff is not seen on this picture, but I can clearly say that it is fatal... if you release the ring, it means you are finished...


and we finally arrive at Zenith. The actual zenith is the one behind me in the photograph, but we choose to stay here. I go a little bit more, but Emel stops me in the middle and make me turn back. You should be mountaineer to do that... (but Merrill and Diane did this.)




of course some people are fearless..




I said I turned back, but wanted to try again. I leave the heavy things to Emel and start to walk again to the actual Zenith. You can not see me until you look carefully I guess in the photo above... (imagine how high it is)


I start walking but the ground is very soft and slippery by motorcycle boots, and seems to be very dangerous... I have to turn back with this thoughts and by screams of Emel... congrats to Merrill here again...


and we start to climb down now. We don't have anything else to do here. Every acclivity has a declivity. , this is a Turkish saying but I don't know if you have it in English. It means we climbed a lot which we understood while walking down the mountain. 

We make 2.2 miles of this 2.5 mile track, because of the shoes. That means we made 4.4 miles in total.



Some Information:

There was one of the Indian Tribes used to live here at the time. And the white man came, and there is no indian right now, you can guess why. But, this place became very wild for the white man too. They tried to make agriculture and cattle dealing here. But, they forgot that this place is a canyon, and the soil is not good to penetrate water. Hence the flooding took everything and nothing left. This happened many times... this some kind of destiny...

End of the information...

We take the shuttle here again until the last stop. We take a look at the pictures of this trail. After this, it is similar to the canyon in Antalya, Turkey, named Saklikent. But this is bigger. As I said before, you need to stay more to do all of it, let's leave it to our retirement days. Otherwise, we will have to watch TV all day... ha!

We take some sandwich and drinks from the cafetaria inside the park, take off our boots, socks and lie on the green get some rest for our feet. We go to the GS after we eat our stuff and the rain starts again... it was waiting for us to be on the motorcycle. 




We are on the road again, and this time the compass shoes the most famous of the famous of the famous canyons around here, and most probably around the world, The Grand Canyon National Park. But, it is impossible for us to reach there this evening. Therefore, we decide to spend the night at a near plac, called Kanab. We leave our bags to the hotel and take a walk to eat something in the city.

We find a good restaurant and get in. It is really crowded here like the city itself. It seems weird. And we ask to the waiter about it. He tells, they are tourists like us. They are usually coming from Las Vegas and they take a tour between Zion, Bryce Canyon, and Grand Canyon trio.... and of course this city is cheaper to stay around those national parks and it is like the center of them...

We take a rest after the meal at our hotel... we just made 65 miles today. But the walk we made like 5 miles made us very tired today...

end of the 7th day...

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