(13.09.2011 TUESDAY)

We wake up very early in the morning. We see Merrill waiting for us when we go the dining room for breakfast. We go to the jeep rental as soon as we eat our breakfast. Actually, Merrill and Diane might have gone yesterday, because they  had nothing to do here, but he accompanies us to rent the jeep. Then, they will go to their own route. But, we realized we missed them, it is nice to see them here. 

We pay 185-dollar for the daily rental of the jeep. The price seems to be very expensive at first; but we understand why it is this much expensive later. And we are in the Canyonlands National PArk at last....




well, we told the half of it while we were talking about White Rim yesterday. I can say this place is the most important offroad attraction around. All this place is full of canyons, and there is a big gap in the middle of the park and the cliff is really high... so, it is really dangerous to ride or drive here around the rim. This is like a religious pilgrimage  for the offroad riders, they say... We may say it is like Dolomities in Italy, or Blacksea in Turkey...




There is another path you should follow to go down to White Rim, I can say it is more adventurous. As you can see on the picture, it is very steep with very twisty roads as hairpins and combining with offroad, you get really scared...


We wish we could do this by motorcycle, but we don't have the guts, experience and etc. to do that.


Now, we are at the White Rim. So, we understand why this is this much expensive to rent the jeep when we see the road. They literally say take the car and break it here. Some people come here with their own cars, but I wonder if they can go back... Of course they just come until the entrance, I didn't see anyone who completes the rim.


Some information about White Rim: it is a 100-mile road around the rim called the Canyonlands National Park. They say you should give 2-3 days to finish it by car, and you need 4-5 days by bicycle...


They take their tents with them to finish here and camp in the evenings. You may come by your motorcycle or ATV but you are not allow to get off the path... and it is really ridiculous to do that...


We just taste a little bit from this road, and had to turn back again... because there another national park here for us to visit. And Merrill said the first 10-mile is the most excited section to drive, and other section is more like the same. He did here yesterday where he broke his cluth lever and break. All I can say, he is very lucky not to break more... it is really difficult to ride here.


So, this place was an ocean in ancient times, after the ice age it became like this. Yes the middle of america continent was an ocean. And the ocean withdrew time by time, then became a dessert. The most famous geological formations from that time is called the arcs. One of the most eminent arcs is the Musselman Arc that you see in the picture.


On the road back, we follow the Potash Road which is harder to drive than the White Rim. We go down like we are stepping down the stairs of a skyscraper. And the man welcomes us at the end of the ...


he is chatting with this big chicken all day long...

while we are going along the road, we see lots of riders going up to the rim. I wonder how they ride this road, bravoo...


and we are in Arches National park at last. This is the most famous park in UTAH.


I see this rock is about to fall down, and I'm fixing it...


and this is the symbol that you see on the car plates of UTAH... normally, they take a 4-5 hours walk to arrive there which we didn't do and take a picture from some distance. And also these people walk back for another 4-5 hours, so this is an all day event. Because we don't have time to do that, we just take the picture from here. Yess, we are lazy...




after some other walks in the Arches National Park, we leave there and come back to our hotel. We hurry up a little bit, because we have to give the car back by 6.00pm. But, we see where we have to see. We also clean up the car before turning it back. We complete all this work within the time by chance...


We meet Jim when we go to the gas station to fill up the tank to get prepared for tomorrow's route. He is running car/motorcycle rental here. He says he rents Gas Gas motorcycles for 275 dollars for offroad, and if you want him in your tour you have to pay 400 dollars. We talk about the people who rides the white rim with their own motorcycles. He tells about a men who came here with his BMW R1200 GS Adventure, and falls at the starting of the road. Then they spent lots of time to take him back, of course the owner should have paid lots of money too... that's crazy... 

and some sleep at the end of th 5th day...

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