(12.09.2011 MONDAY)

Today we start the day a little bit later, around 08:00 am... we got tired yesterday.


We are happy that we are late today to be on the roads, because we see that the rain is just moving in front of us instead of moving on us. So, we are dry today by chance...


The scenery is really good along the road. Our route has neat old mining towns which are built between 1880-1910 at the time of the golden rush again. They came here to be rich from the short way, but I think even coming here at that time should have been very difficult. Of course if the subject is valuable mining outputs, transporting them from mines to the cities became an issue, so they constructed the railways. We wonder how they constructed the railway at that time, but we figured that out, that they brought chinese people to make them work here.

First we go to Silverton, then we go to Durango from the beautiful mountain roads.


Durango is another mining town. The steam engine trains were used during the time that we've talked about. Those railways are not used nowadays. The steam engine train is just going between Silverto and Durango for touristic attraction. It is making it 6 times a day. I wish we could have take a tour with the train, but it went to Silverton while we are coming to Durango, so we don't have time to wait. Hence, we couldn't see the old train. But we visit the museum that they built for the trains.


So, this is the replication of the town in the old times, and this is the small and 3D version of a frame...


We just meet with this 73-year old man while we were just going for our motorcycle to get on the road. As I said before, you don't really ask something to an american citizen, they just tell everything they have and they do. So, this guy cought us while we were examining the corvet like baggage that he uses as a trailer at the back of his motorcycle, and starts to tell everything about it. He tells everything starting from the cup holder at the top, to the air conditioning at the bottom without boring... after he finishes, we leave him and the town and we are on the road again...


we may be saying the beautiful sceneries words very much, but we have nothing else to say... we arrive at Telluride, which is another neat town with the accompanying wonderful sceneries...


Telluride is and old hippie and mining town as Merrill says... now it is a rich hippie and mining town, and also is a very good skiing center... This place is also on the route of Merrill's as I mentioned before. But, because he is on an offroad tour, he just passed Silverton to Telluride from the mountains. After a short break at Telluride, we continue to Moab. And our paths crossed at Moab with Merrill and Diane, and they are waiting for us there...


We passed lots of towns, some of them are big, some of are small... We just continue except for some little requirements... 


and we get closer to Moab... Moab is famous for its dessert places in Utah state. It is known with its outdoor activities and offroad tourisms. We just know that we are about to come when the flora changes from green to yellow. Neverthless I say it is a dessert, a black claud waiting for us ahead... I think this is our destiny to ride under the rain. We were about to be caught by the rain although it rains once a year here, but it has already rained just before we came.


and we finally arrived at Moab in the evening hours. It got dark when we arrive. All the hotels are full even though it is not the high season. We would have to sleep outside, if Merill didn't reserved a room at the hotel they are staying. So, we didn't have to look for a place to stay, and we go to a restaurant together.


We get into the MExican restaurant that we find on the main street. After we eat a delicious meal with Merrill and Diane with a enjoyful chat, we take a walk in the town. As I said before, this town is famous for its offroad attractions. The most eminent one among them is the White Rim which is located in the Canyonlands National Park. If you just want to see the White Rim, you can just go the the Canyonlands National Park and watch it from a view point at the top of the park... but going down the park and traveling around the White Rim is a totally different experience... but we will talk about it tomorrow with details...


We just want to taste the White Rim by renting a jeep with the advice of Merrill, but at this time of the day everywhere is closed. So, we have to wait until morning.


We just go back to the hotel and take a look at Merrill's motorcycle after his White Rim adventure with a broken clutch and break. and after we arrange a meeting to rent a jeep in the morning... and we sleep after a 320-mile road today...

end of the 4th day...

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