(11.09.2011 SUNDAY)

Yeeeessss! we are on the mountains finally... we understand that we are on the mountains when we wake up and see the tempreture is 32 degrees fahrenheit means 0 degreees celcius... we are going to travel the mining towns, which are build in the "rush for gold" times, but nowadays because all the gold and the silver are finished they are serving as touristic places. We should be careful while walking, we may find some gold, ha!  


Our first town is Leadville, Colarado. We arrive at the town with the beautiful scenery of curvy mountain roads. It seems to be abondoned at this time of the day. We call it as the old mining town, but it even has an opeara building. The architecture of the town says "I'm a western town"! Of course, we don't understand that much from the architecture, but we see lots of western towns on the movies. But the southwest seems to be more wild west in comparison with the northwest. 


We take a short walk in the town, I think everone is sleeping right now. Because this are the old towns, you just walk along the main streeet and that's all. After our walk, we are on the way again... now heading for Aspen, again with the beautiful sceneries...


It is more crowded in Aspen when we arrive. It is a very famous as a skiing center although it is a small town as Leadville. And it got bigger, when it gets famous. When you walk in the town, the big mountaing welcomes you and says "come, come!". 


We think to accept the offer of the mountain and would like to take the chair lift to go up in the mountain and take a look at the scenery, but when we hear that one pass is sold for 30 dollars we give up the idea. Because the scenery is already good from here!!! So, we take our coffees from the coffee shop next to the lift and hang around...


We take a walk on the streets in Aspen, there are some other streets except for the main street. We meet with the guy who is the owner of the art gallery at the back while walking. He came to Aspen after he got retired in the UK, and wanted to spend his retirement years in Aspen. Well, we may think of it too, but we have to wait for 25 years more... we talk with him about motorcycles and continue our walk...


This may be statue of the first miners who came Aspen... the winter may not be so good for them at that time...




This town got bigger and famous actually in the last 30 years... I mean really really famous... when you see the luxury cars and expensive shops on the streets which you may not find on the other cities of the USA, you understand... But they don't harm the originality of the town, and don't bother you. After completing our tour, we are on the way again...


We continue our way from the Independence Pass... and we take the offroad way from the Redridge crosss by taking Merrill's advice...





We can't say the road is good, but the town it arrives called Crested Butte is a very nice place... We realize that we are hungry when we arrive here. We immediately find a restaurant and order our meals. It is an old coal mining town. This town is called "the last big Colorado Skiing Town" in these days. There are lots of outdoor activities your may do here, for instance, You may ski in winter, and mountain bike in the summer time...


Let's take back my crown... 

After we spent great time in the town, we are on the way again. Actually we would take another offroad, but the black clauds on that road and the upcoming evening make us to think about another way, so we follow the main road on our route...

For the final destination of today, we come to Ouray, which is another old mining town. We ride along the main street and look for a place to stay, but unfortunately everywhere is full. When we were about to have to sleep on the street, we find an empty room at the last hotel. It is a very neat hotel to stay, so we are lucky. We immediately put our stuff to the room and get outside to eat something after a 325-mile trip. Emel has already locked this restaurant when we get in the town. The name of the restaurant is "Outlaw", which is a very neat restaurant decorated as in the old western movies...


Both the place and the meals are very delicious... after we eat our meals, we take a walk in the town. By the way, Merrill and Diane is on a similar route with us, but they are traveling by their truck and a motorcycle, WR250 R, at the back. Merrill is doing all the offroads at this side of the country. Our goal is to cross our roads at a place and to spend one day together. We don't know where it will be yet, but we talk to learn where we are in the evenings. We again call them and report where we are as usual... and some sleep for now...

end of the 3rd day...

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