(10.09.2011 SATURDAY)

It is early in the morning and we are on the road again... Our first goal is to arrive Denver-Colorado, and then Frisco-Colorado. We will step on the hills after avery long straight trip. But before that hills, corn fields, corn fields and corn fields...

oz bycs

I fact we know Kansas well because this the place where Wizard of Oz lives. But it is more famous with its tornadoes. So we are not complaining about rain. Its good not face with one of these tornados.


After awhile it is hot again, so we take off our rain suits at a gas station. While we were resting, another motorcycle came to the gas station. The man with the motorcyle parked near our motorcyle and said “ I have been riding the motorcycle for 24 hours”. He was coming from New York and going to Alaska.  American people like to talk about their achievements. So I understood that we was riding to be an Ironbutt. And he talks and talks and talks... 


In fact it was a good chance to meet him.  Since, while I was coming back from northwest trip, I thought that we should have ridden to an Ironbutt.


Let me talk about Ironbutt. It is an international organisation. Its main idea is to certify and award riders who rides 1000 miles in 24 hours; other versions are riding 1500 miles in 36 hours and 2000 miles in 48 hours. If you ride these miles in that amount of time, collect and send your proofsto that organisation they certify your riding. For more details please refer to ‘ironbutt association’.

End of the note.

I was familiar with its terms from the its website. I learned further details from that guy and he gave me the forms that I meed to fill up while I am riding for Ironbutt.

After the break we hit the road again and we arrive at Denver-Colorado. In Denver our first stop is an outdoor shopping mall called REI. It is avalable all around USA; yet, the reason why we visit is its architecture. We are not very intesested in arcitecture; but Merrill advised us to visit that place. And here is one of his favourite place. They renovated the bulding which was constructed in 1901 as the Denver Cablecar building. It is really big and a very interested place for the one who is interested in outdoor. The best part of the building is the indoor climbing wall. 


Since it is a little bit expensive, we left the building without any shopping...


And here are the mountains. We leave the highway and head to Loveland Pass.


After  riding on the curvy roads we arrive at Frisco. This city is very popular on its high season. But not its hard to somebody outside. We find a nice local restaurant to eat something and we tip the waiter. By the way in USA it is a culture to tip the waiter/waitress and it is about the10-20% of the bill. They earn much more than their salary. After leaving the restaurant the waiter come outside and returns thanks. After a while we understood that he was expostulate on us.   I think he was accepting the same amount of money w paid for the meal as a tip.


We find a Super 8 motel on the road at the end of the day after completing a 660-mile trip, and go to sleep... The actual trip starts tomorrow...

End of day 2...

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