DAY 16

(23.06.2011 - thursday)

We wake up after an uncomfortable sleep. We don’t have much to see for the rest of the trip. Just the straight road itself. If we count the states that we should pass through is Nevada, Utah, Wyoming, Nebraska, Iowa, Illinois, Indiana and Ohio. I don’t give details for cities. You may guess why. We are on the way for a 1900-mile trip until we get home.


I think this is the only life we saw on the road. 


As you can guess from the pictures, we are going along the Salt Lake.



It is not that easy to progress on this road under this hot condition. We make a stop at the fist gas station we see on the road for some air conditioning.


and continue to the road with emptiness…


It is usual to see this kind of things in the USA. Majority of the houses are prefabricated here, so the moving or to construct a house becomes this much easy. 


the nature becomes a little different in UTAH, but again it is empty. So, we arrive at Cheyenne, Wyoming after 660 miles this evening. We find a hotel immediately, and then sleep… tomorrow the road goes on…

End of day 16